5 Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Blogging in 2022

Everyone wants to earn money through blogging, but only a few people know about the best blogging platform to make money. Earning money via blogging is not very much complicated task to do, but it required much hard work.

Not just hard work but also smart work, you must follow an already proven blogging plan or system that works then you build a blog around that to make money blogging.

Making more blogging won’t come easy or overnight, you’ll need to invest some money to get the best web hosting for your website, a responsive premium theme, useful plugins, write some excellent blog content and acquire some backlinks to get organic search traffic which would lead to you making money.

Please do not blog for fun because you’ll just be wasting your time, energy, and resources doing the wrong things which would never bring you money as a blogger.

Some people are making thousands of dollars per month through blogging while at the same time, some are earning nothing. To earn money via blogging, you need to know about a suitable platform and some SEO related stuff.

5 Best Blogging Platform to Make Money in 2021

If you don’t know about the popular blogging platforms that can help you to earn money, then don’t worry because, in this article, we will guide you about five best blogging platform to make money.

1. WordPress – Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

wordpress best blogging platform to make money

The first and foremost important blogging platform that can help you to generate a tremendous amount of money is WordPress. WordPress is quite a popular blogging platforms, and according to a recent report, over 34% of the worldwide websites are on WordPress.

WordPress is the best blogging platform to make money blogging in 2020 and beyond.

However, it is a free platform that demand paid hosting and domain. You can purchase hosting and domain from different sources to installment WordPress on it. 

What Features does WordPress Have?

If we talk about the features, then it’s hard to beat WordPress. Although it’s a paid blogging platforms, still a large group of people uses it, and that’s because of its features.

WordPress makes it possible for every single person to create their website quickly. This platform comes up with thousands of plugins and themes.

WordPress has plugins that help you translate your website to different languages of your choice which can put in the business of international SEO i.e. your website will start getting traffic from all over the world.

These plugins are used to make thing a lot easier for the user while the theme help in creating an attractive blog, and the best thing is that most of the themes & plugins are free. 

download wordpress best blogging platform to make money

WordPress Pricing

WordPress is a free platform, but to create a website on WordPress, you need to purchase hosting and domain which is not free.

The price of domain range from $5 up to $20 or even more for a single year while hosting price range from $20 up to $100 or even more per year.

Furthermore, you can also get a domain & hosting from various platforms for free, but we will not recommend you to go for a free domain or hosting, because it is less secure, slower and have more downtime. 

WordPress Security

WordPress security entirely depends on you. To make your site secure, make sure that you don’t install any nulled plugins or theme because most of the nulled plugins and theme usually harm the website security. Always choose paid theme & plugins, or you can go for a free plugins/theme from a trusted source. 

WordPress Support

WordPress has got an amazing and supportive community. You can ask support on the WordPress forums, and people from all over the world will try to solve your problem. Other than this, the user can also ask for support from their hosting providers.

What’s the Uptime on WordPress Like?

The WordPress Uptime depends on the hosting you are using. So make sure to host your WordPress website on a hosting that has excellent uptime.

WordPress PROS:

  • Extra controls to the user.
  • Thousands of free themes/plugins.
  • Great customer support.

WordPress CONS:

You can get WordPress Here:

2. Blogger – The Best Free Blogging Platform to Make Money

blogger best free blogging platform to make money

Are you in search of the best blogging platform to make money without investing in hosting and domain? If yes, Blogger has the solution for you.

Blogger is the best free blogging platforms where you can earn the right amount of money without spending a single penny on anything. Yes, you hear it right. Blogger provides free domain as well as hosting to their users, which is quite a great option if you want to create a free website.

Blogger Features

Blogger doesn’t offer many features in comparison to WordPress. With a little effort, you can create a website on Blogger. To create a website on Blogger all, you have to do is to create a Gmail account, sign in from Blogger, and upload a few information.

Blogger is a perfect free option, but the problem comes when we talk about the themes and plugins. Blogger doesn’t offer much theme or plugins.

The themes provided by Blogger are not always worth using. However, you can get a professional theme from a third party platform and install it on your blogger website.

Blogger Pricing – FREE!

Blogger is free; you don’t need to pay any amount to create a website on Blogger. This platform offers free hosting as well as the domain, but they include their trademark in your free domain name. However, you can also purchase a paid domain if you don’t want that trademark.

Blogger Security

Similar to WordPress, Blogger security also depends on you. You have to keep an eye on your blogger website security so that your site doesn’t get attacked. To make your website safe, try to use all the themes provided by blogger platforms or some third-party trust source.

Blogger Support

Blogger support is quite good.  You can ask any question regarding any issue on the Blogger Help Community and most of the time you will get your answer. Chances are someone might already have a solution to the problem that you are searching for.

So you can ask any question or get previous asked answers/question related to the blogger website from Blogger Help Community

Blogger Uptime

Blogger website has excellent uptime. Google tries to attract more website creator by delivering a 24/7 uptime on their blogger platform.


  • Blogger is free.
  • User doesn’t need to purchase hosting or domain.
  • 24/7 uptime


  • Themes provided by Blogger are quite less.
  • Some stuff on Blogger may demand an intermedia level of programming knowledge.
  • You might face a security issue.

You can get started with Blogger Here:

3. Wix – Best Paid Blogging Platform to Make Money

wix best paid blogging platform to make money

Wix is another free platform that allows the user to create their website for free. This platform provides free hosting as well as domain. However, the free hosting plan by Wix has a less storage and bandwidth so you might need to upgrade to a paid one.

Other than this, Wix allows the user to build any websites such as a personal blog, a professional portfolio, a business website, a government website, gaming website, online community, and many more. All you have to do is to install a theme that is relevant to your site niche.

Wix Features

Wix offers many features for its customers. The free version of Wix grant fewer features, but the paid Wix edition has many features that make thing easier for the user.

It offers an intuitive website builder with hundreds of designer templates. Wix also grants free hosting as well as a domain which is an excellent thing if you don’t want to invest anything.

However, the free hosting doesn’t provide much storage space, and a free domain contains Wix trademark, which might not be a big issue for some people. It also includes hundreds of apps that can help to add more features on your website. 

Wix Pricing

Wix doesn’t charge any amount for its free hosting & domain plan. However, if you want a domain without Wix trademark and hosting with more storage space, then you need to pay some amount.

Wix permits the user to connect a domain on their Wix website for $4.50/month while the user can get Wix Unlimited hosting plan in $12.50/month

Wix Security

Wix has an HTTPS include HTTPS / TLS encryption of most of their website, which makes the security quite stronger. However, still, there are chances that your Wix website might get attacked, so you need to be careful about the security yourself. 

Wix Support

In case you face any issue with your Wix website, then you can contact the Wix help center. Wix offers excellent support and tries to solve every single problem a customer face on the Wix platform. The user can use Wix support services 24/7 whenever they have any challenge.

wix templates

Wix Uptime

Similar to WordPress, the Wix uptime relies on the hosting provider you are using. There are many hosting providers organization that has 100% uptime so you can find them after doing some research.


  • Wix has an easy drag and drops features that allow creating any website quickly.
  • It contains High-quality predesigned templates.
  • Wix also offers a free plan.


  • User needs to pay to remove Wix trademark from the domain.
  • You have to purchase hosting for extra storage and features.
  • The free version doesn’t offer many functionalities.

You can get access to Wix Here:

4. Joomla – Best eCommerce Blogging Platform to Make Money

joomla best ecommerce blogging platform to make money

Joomla is another well-reputed blogging platforms that provide features quite similar to WordPress. This platform is quite old, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have much user base as compared to Blogger or Wordpress. 

Joomla Features

Joomla contains Object-Oriented Programming that makes thing easier for the user. It authorizes the user to create any website with ease.

Joomla is a free, easy to use, and SEO friendly blogging platforms that contain many functionalities to make thing easier for the user. Similar to other Blogging platforms, Joomla also requires a domain and hosting to create your website.

Joomla Pricing

It is a free blogging platform that doesn’t charge anything from its user, but it demands a paid domain and hosting which you can get from various sources.

Other than this, the Joomla web developers may also charge some hefty amount from you, but if you know how to create a Joomla website, then you don’t need to pay anything to the developers.

download joomla

Joomla Security

Similar to WordPress and Blogger, Joomla website security depends on the user. User can follow some measurements such as two-factor verification etc. to make their website secure from different attacks.

However, if you face any security issue on your Joomla website, you can contact the Joomla support, and they might help you in this matter.

Joomla Support

Joomla also has excellent user support. The Joomla Forum permits the user to ask different question/answers related to any problem they encounter. You can even contain Joomla help center for a solution to any problem. 

How’s the Uptime on Joomla?

In case you are using Joomla hosting, then you don’t need to bother about your website uptime because Joomla offers an exceptional uptime so that your website remains live on the internet 24/7.


  • It is a free blogging platform with e-commerce Support.
  • Easy to Install with PHP Scripts.
  • Joomla has Extensions Availability.


  • Slightly Complex in comparison to other blogging platforms.
  • It also has a Compatibility issue.
  • Some hosting providers don’t support Joomla.

How to get Joomla?

5. Ghost – The Best Professional Blogging Platform to Make Money

ghost easiest best blogging platform to make money

The last blogging platform on our list that can help you to make some money is Ghost. Ghost is not that much famous in comparison to WordPress or Blogger, but still it worth using because of its easy-to-use interface. Similar to WordPress, Ghost also demands a hosting as well as a domain to create a website. 

Ghost Features

Ghost offers many features to make thing easier for the user. It provides a simple and eye-catching design that makes the website look good. It enables the user to create content easily & quickly.

The best thing about Ghost is its easy-to-use interface which makes it the best option for the beginner who doesn’t know much about website creation process. 

Ghost Pricing

Similar to various other blogging platforms, Ghost also demands a hosting and a domain to start a website. You can purchase hosting and domain from a third-party source, or you can use Ghost hosting service, which is quite affordable. The ghost pro plan starts from 29$ per month that include Managed hosting, CDN, and many other functionalities. 

Ghost Security

As Ghost is not very much famous and only a small amount of people use it, so the security is excellent. Hacker always creates a security issue for platforms that has a large number of user base so that you can cause damage to more people.

Due to its lesser audience, Hackers doesn’t create many viruses for the Ghost platform, which make it a reliable platform in terms of security.

ghost templates

Ghost Support

If we talk about the Ghost Support, then this platform is somehow compatible with other platforms. The user can contact the Ghost team to ask for a solution to any problem, or users can also use the FAQ section where they can ask questions related to their issue.

Ghost Uptime

Ghost platform also grants the same exception uptime as most of the other blogging platform does. This platform makes sure that your website stays live on the internet all the time.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Ghost offers many premade designs.
  • User can create any website on Ghost.


  • It doesn’t contain plugins to increase website functionality.
  • Ghost platform doesn’t offer a free hosting service.
  • You may also need a beginner level of coding knowledge for customization.

Where to get Ghost:

Why do you Need the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Blogging?

The first thing to do before investing time or money on the bogging platforms is to know your exact need because all the blogging platform offer different sort of features.

Some of the blogging platforms may not contain the features that are needed to make your blog successful. So try to know your need and your blog type before choosing a blogging platform.

Who Needs the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Blogging?

If you are a person who is passionate enough and want to earn a handsome amount of money, then you must choose any of the above method best blogging platforms to make money.

However, we will recommend these blogging platforms for those people who ready to invest their time or money became to earn money through blogging; you may need to spend much time on your blog.

Who doesn’t Need the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Blogging?

All these blogging platform demand hard work, consistency, and knowledge from the user, so if you can’t give any of these things, then these blogging platforms are not for you.

Moreover, the initially time is challenging, but once you start making money from blogging, you will love to invest more and more of your time of the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Question related to the best blogging platform to make money?

What is the best blogging platform to make money?

For free websites, the Blogger is the best, while for paid sites you must go for WordPress. 

How much do I need to buy the best blogging platform to make money?

You’ll need $10 for a domain name, another $5-10 per month for hosting, about $30-$50 for a good responsive theme and you’re ready to start blogging.

Some of the best blogging platform to make money are free while some are paid. The paid blogging platforms demand hosting & domain. The price range of domain is $5 up to $20 or even more for a single year while hosting price range from $20 up to $100 or even more.

What is the cheapest best blogging platform to make money?

Blogger is a free best blogging platform to make money. If you don’t want to invest any money, then choose Blogger.


All the platforms mentioned above have their advantage and disadvantages. You can read about them in the article and decide which platform might suit your need.

Though, if you can invest some amount of money, then we will suggest you use the WordPress platform but if you don’t want to spend money on blogging then try Blogger.