5 Best 3D Pen in 2023

The 3D pen revolution has ignited the creativity of artists, inventors, and engineers worldwide.

Whether you’re a professional artist or simply interested in trying your hand at science-bending 3d creation – now is the time to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

In this post, we will explore the five best 3D pens for 2023 so that you can make informed buying decisions to help spark your 3D printing dreams into reality!

From variety, price ranges, and features – no matter what project you have in mind, there will surely be a suitable option for everyone here.

What is a 3D Pen?

A 3D pen is a handheld device that allows you to create three-dimensional objects and shapes. It works similarly to a glue gun but uses PLA filament instead of glue to create the desired shape.

With a 3D pen, you can elevate your drawing experience and bring your art to life in new ways.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, using a 3D pen opens up a whole new world of possibilities – from creating intricate decorations to building miniature models.

It allows for creativity, and the material’s surface can be easily manipulated to match your design needs. Overall, a 3D pen is a fun and innovative tool that brings a new dimension to art and design.

What is the Best 3D Pen?

3D pens are becoming increasingly popular for hobbyists, artists, and designers.

With these versatile tools, you can create complex shapes and models, bringing your ideas to life. But with so many different types of 3D pens on the market, it can be challenging to determine which is best for your needs.

Some 3D pens come with unique features like adjustable temperature settings, while others have a sleek design for comfortable use.

The best 3D pen for you is one that suits your specific needs and budget. With so many options, you’re sure to find a model that will help you unleash your creativity.

However, we have carefully reviewed some of the best 3D pens to buy in 2023:


Introducing the MYNT3D PRO, the best 3D pen on the market. With an OLED display, users can easily monitor temperature and filament type in real time, ensuring optimal control over their creations.

This pen goes beyond merely creating simple shapes by allowing users to adjust the temperature and speed to accommodate various filament types.

Compared to other pens on the market, the MYNT3D PRO truly stands out as a leading 3D pen that helps users accurately create shapes with ease.

Whether you’re a professional artist or have never used a 3D pen, the MYNT3D PRO is a must-have tool for your creative pursuits.


  • Smooth speed changes
  • Excellent customer service
  • It uses many filaments, including PLA and ABS filaments


  • Overkill for kids
  • Plastic may continue oozing at the tip when using ABS filament


It costs USD 59.99 on Amazon.

3Doodler PRO+

The 3Doodler PRO+ is the ultimate versatile tool for anyone looking to create art in a completely new way.

Featuring a speed control system, this pen allows you to adjust the flow of plastic filament with incredible precision and finesse. Additionally, the heating element ensures that your creations will be durable and long-lasting.

With important features such as these, it’s no wonder that the 3Doodler PRO+ is considered the best 3D pen on the market. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting, this tool will revolutionize your thoughts on art.

So why wait? Start creating today with the 3Doodler PRO+ and unlock your full artistic potential!


  • Advanced new tech
  • Absolute control for accurate creations
  • It uses metals and wood filaments


  • It is expensive compared to other 3D pens
  • For Adult only – it requires adult supervision for kids


It costs USD 199.99 on Amazon


The SCRIB3D P1 is the perfect tool for bringing your imagination to life. Its hot tip allows for precision, while the plastic filaments, including the popular PLA plastic and ABS plastic, melt at just the right temperature to create seamless designs.

As you create, the plastic cools quickly, allowing you to build up your masterpiece layer by layer. With a melting point that is customizable to your preference, the SCRIB3D P1 is perfect for creating intricate details or larger projects easily and precisely.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or new to the world of 3D printing, the SCRIB3D P1 is the best 3D pen on the market for all your creative needs.


  • Easy speed slider
  • Comes with templates
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Users may experience plug issues.
  • Limited materials


It costs USD 29.99 on Amazon.

PIKA3D Super 3D

The PIKA3D Super 3D Pen is a unique technology that lets you easily bring your art to life. Its features are revolutionary as the world’s first cordless, battery-powered 3D pen.

This pen offers unparalleled control over your creations with adjustable temperature settings and an LCD. Its lightweight design allows for comfortable use, while the OLED screen displays the temperature and type of filament used.

For anyone looking to take their art to new heights, the PIKA3D Super 3D Pen is an excellent choice. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting, this is the perfect tool to bring your creations to life.


  • Cordless and battery powered
  • OLED display for monitoring temperature and filament type
  • Adjustable temperature settings


  • The return policy could be better
  • Battery drains quickly


It costs USD 39.99 on Amazon.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen

Introducing the 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen, an easy-to-use tool for taking your creative projects to the next level. With professional-grade features and a sleek design, this pen offers beginners and experienced artists a way to create beautiful works.

The adjustable speed settings allow you to control the plastic flow, while the slim form factor is comfortable for long periods of use. On top of this, it uses a wide variety of filaments to ensure you can always find the perfect material for your needs.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting, the 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen is the perfect tool for bringing your ideas to life.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide range of filament options
  • Easy-to-use and adjustable speed settings


  • Pricey
  • Overkill for elementary school kids


It costs USD 69.99 on Amazon.

What is the Difference Between a 3D Pen and a 3D Printer?

A 3D pen and a 3D printer are two different pieces of equipment that use the same underlying technology.

A 3D pen uses heated plastic filament to draw in three dimensions, while a 3D printer extrudes melted plastic onto a flat surface to create physical objects.

3D pens can be used for artistic purposes, while 3D printers typically create functional objects and parts.

The key difference is that a 3D pen can draw in the air, while a 3D printer needs an object or platform to build upon. Both pieces of equipment offer limitless possibilities for creative projects – but each requires its own set of skills to use effectively.

Does 3D Pen Stick to Plastic?

Yes, a 3D pen can stick to plastic. Most 3D pens use either ABS or PLA plastic filament as the medium for drawing in three dimensions.

The heated plastic filament becomes liquid and then hardens quickly once it leaves the tip of the pen, allowing you to create objects and shapes that stick together.

It’s important to note that the materials used in 3D pens and printers are not always compatible, so it is important to read the instructions carefully before starting a project.


3D pens are a fun and innovative tool for creating complex 3D shapes and models. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or hobbyist – there are many options on the market with unique features to suit your needs.

With adjustable temperature control, slim designs for comfortable use, and compatibility with various filament types – these pens help bring your creativity to life in new ways.

No matter what project is in mind, one of these top 5 best 3D pens for 2023 is sure to spark inspiration and unleash your imagination.

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect 3D pen for your creative pursuits.