5 Best 240hz Monitor in 2022 (The Best Screens in 2022 for You)

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We have the best 240hz monitor in 2021 for you to choose from, we’ve got 5 superb options that are the best screens for you.

Just a few years ago, the increase in the use of 144Hz monitors grew. It changed our perspective of what gaming could be at higher frames which brought about better pixel density and overall clarity.

Imagine what 240Hz would feel like when we could successfully unlock its full potential. How will it transform the entire gaming industry and esports as a whole? How crisp and clear would 240 FPS be?

How will it affect the overall graphics and detail of every single game you play? Well, the time has finally come for us to experience what that would be like with the rise of the 240Hz monitors.

The 5 Best 240hz monitor in 2021

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With the rise of the 240Hz’s popularity, many brands have sought to create the best high end, high refresh rate monitors. It only is a matter of time when these high refresh rate monitors would be used optimally.

Given that the exponential growth and power new graphics cards offer, it would not be too far ahead.

Recommended Best 240hz monitor in 2021

Looking for the best 240Hz monitor currently available on the market should not be too difficult since this remains speciality hardware and is currently not in mass production.

What we will be looking for here would be something that has a variable refresh rate like NVIDIA’s Gsync and AMD’s Freesync to cope up with the extremely high refresh rates that these monitors offer.

Lastly, we are also looking for something with extremely low response times to ensure pin-point accuracy in playing the games you love to play.

We will be subdividing these monitors into the Best Overall, The Runner Up, The Best G-Sync, The Best Freesync, and Best Budget.  

1. BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 – The Overall Best 240Hz Monitor

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 is truly unique in the sense that it has a shield (I call it flaps), that lets you stay away from distractions and just focus on winning. The looks make it too obvious, it is designed to make you stay focused on every single detail that is happening in your game.

While the removable flaps look more like a fad rather than how it should serve its purpose, the features present in the XL2740 is why it is the Best Overall. Advertised as G-sync, you are sure to get support for your NVIDIA card and more.

Because of the adaptive sync technology that is present in the Zowie XL2740, it is also capable to take on AMD cards allowing you to switch between systems if you are that type of computer enthusiast.

We already know that the XL2740 has the 240 Hz, what we do not know is that this Full HD TN Panel is extremely fast and accurate with 1ms response time GTG that eliminates ghosting and lag. It also has the colour vibrancy and the black equalizer technology that enhances overall visual clarity by managing the colours in-game.

And all of that could be managed with a touch of a button using the s-switch what more could you ask for? 


  • 240Hz with 1ms Response Time GTG
  • G-sync and Freesync compatibility
  • Color Vibrance and Black Equalizer
  • S-Switch
  • Shield


  • Some may not like the design
  • Expensive
  • TN Panel’s poor viewing angles
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2. Acer Predator XB272 – The Second Best 240Hz Monitor

Another powerful 27-inches in the 240 Hz refresh rate category is the Acer Predator XB272 bmiprz. Much like the Zowie, the Predator XB272 also comes with a Full HD TN panel that has been well received by the gaming consumers around the globe.

This specific gaming monitor boasts 1ms response times and exclusively supports G-sync only which means that AMD wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the variable refresh rate that would prevent screen tear in high frames.

So if you are an NVIDIA user then this might just fit the glove and may even immerse you further in your games with the ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) which makes moving objects extremely sharp and detailed without the effects of ghosting.

Another thing that would make the Acer Predator XB272 standout is it’s a fully adjustable stand with a rotation of 90 degrees, pair that up with the EyeProtect’s Flicker Less technology, playing games for hours is something you could easily do with the XB272.


  • 240Hz Refresh Rate 1ms Response Time
  • G-sync Compatible
  • Fully Adjustable Stand with up to 90 degrees rotation


  • Expensive
  • Limited Connectivity Ports
  • TN Panel’s poor viewing angles
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3. ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q – The Best G-Sync 240Hz Monitor

If there is anything that you would notice with the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q is the light displaying the ROG logo underneath this monster of a monitor.

If you are looking for an eye-candy for your gaming setup and appreciate the looks of the ROG shining down every time you play, then this would definitely catch your attention.

But more than the good looks, the ROG Swift PG258Q is also the best option if you are using NVIDIA graphics. The G-sync on the PG258Q is just too good which prevents overall screen tear even when you start reaching the maximum 240 FPS that this display could reach.

Couple that with 1ms responses, you are assured of an ultra-fast display with hyper-immersive gaming experience.


  • Unique Design
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur)
  • Customizable Stand


  • Expensive
  • Does not adaptively support Freesync
  • TN Panel
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4. AOC Agon AG271FZ2 – Best Freesync 240Hz Monitor

If you are planning on getting AMD graphics for your gaming system then you might want to get the AOC Agon AG271FZ2 to top it all off.

This Agon takes the crown as the Best Freesync in the 240 Hz category, which makes it very appealing to AMD users as previously mentioned.

If variable refresh rates aid to prevent screen tearing at higher frames, low response times should account for the prevention of ghosting, and believe me when I say that this Agon is the fastest in the list with 0.5ms MPRT.

The AG271FZ2 also dons a fully customizable stand for superior ergonomics and a very convenient quick switch controller that allows you to change your gaming preferences.


  • 0.5ms MPRT
  • Customizable Stand
  • Quickswitch Controller
  • Freesync


  • TN Panel
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5. Acer XF250Q – Best Budget 240Hz Monitor

Getting a 240 Hz gaming monitor does not really mean that you’d need to break the bank to get one. That is definitely what the zero frame Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx is trying to tell everyone.

You’d expect that, with the price the Acer XF250Q came, the features would be very limited. I am happy to say that you’d be wrong to underestimate the XF250Q, true enough, despite the price, it comes feature-packed and very competitive with many more expensive 240 Hz displays in the market.

For one, this panel is compatible with both Freesync and G-Sync which is only equaled by the Zowie in the list with the same 1ms response time. Connectivity options are also sufficient with a variety of HDMI ports to consider.

One other thing that the Acer XF250Q boasts is their Acer Vision Care that aids in making the screen flicker-less and many other features that are designed to minimize eye strain after prolonged gaming sessions.


  • G-Sync and Freesync Compatibility
  • 1ms response time
  • Acer Vision Care
  • Customizable Stand
  • Budget-friendly


  • TN Panel
  • No HDR Support
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Why do You Need the Best 240hz monitor

You need the best 240 Hz monitor because it allows you to view your favourite games differently despite maintaining the full HD resolution.

If you have been accustomed to the 144 Hz displays, do you remember what it felt like when you moved from a 60 Hz display to your 144 Hz one? I am pretty sure you’d have nothing but praise for the change and I’m sure that you’ve vowed never to go back to 60 Hz ever again.

The same could actually be said when you would move from 144 Hz to 240 Hz. Even if this is something even the naked eye would have difficulty seeing, the difference is really present and you would be able to notice it in fast-paced games such as racing games or first-person shooting games.

So if you’ve been overly exposed to the 144 Hz displays and have been thinking about an upgrade, then consider going for a 240 Hz rather than an upgrade in resolution. Maybe you would be able to appreciate the smooth pixel density attained by using a higher refresh rate monitor.

Who Needs the Best 240hz monitor

If you’ve been into the competitive first-person shooting game atmosphere, you would know the advantages of playing at higher frames would do to your overall FPS experience. To be able to see very detailed images despite the fast-paced FPS games would definitely be to your advantage.

Couple that with low response times, then you will certainly be the person to beat in FPS games like CS: GO and Overwatch or even games like Fortnite.

Even if you are the everyday casual gamer or even an aspiring computer enthusiast, you would appreciate being able to play at higher frames because of the smoothness it offers despite the level of detail you are asking from it.

That is also the reason why these refresh rates are only available on full HD monitors because the graphics cards existent on the market would still find it difficult to exceed a consistent 144 frames on a higher resolution.

So if you are one to approach the competitive gaming scene more seriously or simply appreciate very smooth, fast and fine details, then you need the best 240 Hz monitor.

Who the Best 240hz monitor is NOT for?

The 240 Hz monitor is dedicated to the competitive gaming folks in the world of FPS gaming or racing. It could also be for the general enthusiast that would love to play at fast-paced games without compromising fine details and smoothness.

It is simply dedicated to the die-hard competitive gamers that would love to get as much advantage as possible.

So those that do not want to commit competitively in their games, not interested, or basically uses the computers for work, school, and/or editing, would definitely not make use out of this type of display.

There is no way you would be able to appreciate 240 frames using productivity apps. You are better off with standard 60 Hz displays if you are going to use it for these functions which are far more affordable than the 240 Hz panels in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best 240hz monitor?

The BenQ Zowie XL2740 is simply the best one in the list because of the vast amount of features present in its arsenal. Packed with the ability to cater to G-Sync and Freesync, you will never have to worry about screen tearing no matter which graphics brand you would be choosing.

The Zowie is also very gamer-centric making sure you have full focus on the games you play with its shield. And if you are planning to game cross-platform, it has the connectivity ports that would support multiple gaming systems which is definitely a huge plus.

How much do I need to buy the Best 240hz monitor?

If you are looking at the Zowie XL2740 then be prepared to shell out a deep budget of right under $600. Yes, the Zowie is extremely expensive and there are definitely many others that you could consider if you are looking for a 240 Hz display, but if you are going to consider what the Zowie has to offer, then you’d have to appreciate the price versus what it brings on the table.

But if that is too expensive for you, then there are definitely many others that would come at a far lesser price compare to the Zowie. Take a look at our runner up, the Acer Predator XB272. Still feature-packed with the same screen estate and response times, plenty of gaming features/settings to choose from but costs $171 less. This clearly means that you don’t have to shell out $600 to get a great 240 Hz monitor, you only need to figure out what you need and get the best one that suits you.

What is the cheapest Best 240hz monitor?

The cheapest in the list is definitely the Acer XF250Q where you would only need a budget that’s right under $250. Yes, you heard that right. You could spend $250 and get a 240 Hz monitor that’s already pretty decent and would definitely take your games to the next level.

Though it does not pack as many features as that of the Zowie or the Predator, the Acer XF250Q should not be underestimated. If you are looking for what is sufficient to gain the upper hand in a competitive game, then the XF250Q would be there to provide while not having to break the bank.


Playing games at 240 FPS is definitely something I have enjoyed doing most especially when I play CS:GO and Overwatch. It just changes your competitive perspective when you have a clear vision of what is going on in the environment around you. You would appreciate the level of detail despite the fast pace which is definitely something different than playing these games on a higher resolution.

So if you are considering an upgrade and feel that gaming at full HD is just right for you, then you might want to consider getting a 240 Hz gaming monitor. Playing at 240 frames will definitely change the way you see your games at full HD.

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