Why Areas Susceptible to Natural Disaster should buy Backup Generators

Backup generators are very important and even more important in places susceptible to natural disasters. Want to know the best backup generator for you?

Some say it’s an act of god.

Sleeping in your home only to be roused by a nightmare not in your sleep this time. Waking up to flood engulfing your home or the earthquake tremors causing damage to infrastructures, or the whirlwind that would raze buildings to the ground.

The hand of God, they say, and you can’t do anything but project rhetoric questions to God – why me? Yes, we all feel pain, that sometimes push us to ask questions we know nothing about.

In the end you can’t beat yourself to death, it’s time pick yourself from the ground and summon the remaining energy to recover all you’ve lost or at least try.

Times like this comes with inadvertent destructions to one basic need – electricity.

If you are leaving in regions likely to be affected by Natural disaster, you will do good to yourself by making a contingency plan after a disaster. We are not experts in other fields of emergency situations like the aforementioned.

However, our expertise to the field of generators in second to none. And while natural disaster is bound to happen, you should always make sure you have a back up plan and if you don’t then be my guest. Generatorswift recommends great generators but we’ve picked just two of the best to make your choice easier.

Backup Generators

You know you need a generator as plan B, especially during power surges or you disasters but it will be too late cause you never planned before hand.

Below we’ve curated some top options for you to choose from – these generators have be reviewed and tested by many to be reliable and durable.

1. DuroMax Xp10000EH Hybrid

duromax xp10000eh hybrid backup generator

Powered by either propane or gasoline, the DuroMax Xp10000EH hybrid is a beast. Despite the portable design, this generator manages to offer optimum performance. You may likely need a hand to move this 265lbs weight, however, people that hit the gym consistently should find lifting the cooler a piece of cake.

The Engine has a fuel sensor that shuts the generator when it comes to all time low mark. This helps protect the engine from probable issues regarding low fuel use.

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2. Pulsar PG10000B16 Portable Backup Generator

Pulsar PG10000B16 Portable Backup Generator

the Pulsar PG1000B16 is a marvel to watch, both in design and performance. Yes, you heard me right.

Just like the duromax listed above, the pulsar too utilizes both liquid propane and gasoline. So, you have two options to choose from.

The generator can provide up to 9000watts whilst on gasoline and up to 10,000 watts with propane.


Having a backup generator will save you from unnecessary issues you could solve by buying a generator. It is advised people leaving in natural disaster zones or areas with history of uncontrollable natural forces to listen to emergency radio and make a disaster preparedness plan. Peace!

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