Aweber vs Getresponse vs Activecampaign

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The one thing these three big names have in common KS the marketing platform they have provided to thousands of people all around the world, they provide marketing automation and cater to the needs of large and even small businesses.

Aweber vs getresponse vs activecampaign?

When it comes to these three, they offer quite similar email solutions, so it might be hard trying to choose the best among them. The one thing to keep in mind is that they have similar features and the competition is tight to the extent that they are all doing pretty good with a lot of pros to show for it and a couple of cons of their own.  Making an informed decision on which one suits your email marketing needs best, would have to be a personal decision based on the services they offer and the ones that they do not offer.

Aweber, getresponse, and activecampaign are great platforms for hosting email lists, they are also great in cases where you want to send newsletters to your subscribers, they are great with CRM software and they also create effective email templates.

Aweber is ideal for Small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, GetResponse is ideal for Large/Small businesses, marketers snd brands while ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation platform designed for small businesses on a budget, they also cater to large companies as well.

In order to figure out which one will best suit your page, an assessment of these three email marketing solutions will be done individually as well as head to head, this is to ensure that no features are left unturned and your choice is simple and to the point.


Aweber is great for people who are interested in email marketing, it is easy to use and you could build your mailing list with the help of opt-in forms and you get to send out automated emails to your subscribers.


Aweber is really simple and easy to use, there is a drag and drop feature or editor that helps you send out emails or newsletters to people on your mailing list in the easiest and fastest way possible.

With it, you get to have amazing template choices, with over 700 templates to choose from, your landing page and entire outlook is definitely going to be as professional and stylish as you want it to be, it also has an autoresponder feature.


One major con that seems to stand out Ianthe fact that your subscribers list could be filled with people that have unsubscribed, but the charges you pay for won’t reflect that people who unsubscribed are still part of your list, and you will still pay based on the overall count, in order to avoid paying for a mailing list that isn’t completely filled with only subscribers, you will have to delete people who have unsubscribed yourself.


There are a lot of great reviews about getresponse, it is super easy to use and it offers a lot of great templates to its users. It has a drag and drops editor and it offers the easiest email marketing solution.


With getresponse, you get to build the most amazing landing pages and you don’t have to waste time or run into any difficulties when you’re designing your landing page, it is a relatively easy process.

It has a lot of templates for your newsletters, and templates are a huge part of communicating with your subscribers, their template is said to be over 500, and with so many choices comes even better designs.


Getresponse has a bad habit of double contact counting, this poses a huge problem to your monthly limit and you could end up spending more than you should in situations like these, this is a problem most people have with getresponse.


There are a lot of features that come with activecampaign and they all seem to stand out in a lot of ways. ActiveCampaign combines email marketing, marketing automation, and sales CRM software in an easy, visual platform in order to give businesses a way to keep their audience engaged.


With activecampaign, you get to build the most attractive email campaigns that will help you relate and stay in touch with your contact and your customers. This is a huge part of earning the trust of your customers and the benefits you reap from this will show in your sales profit.


The one thing that activecampaign does not have, that other email marketing solutions like Aweber have, is a landing page builder. The landing page builder gives businesses ease when it comes to creating their own professional-looking landing pages.

Aweber vs Getresponse

Aweber and Getresponse are both great email marketing solutions, but Aweber breaks the tie when it comes to the free premium features it offers. Aweber has features like 24/7 customer support, email automation, access to all their email templates, unlimited user access and so many other free services you can’t get with getresponse.

Getresponse vs Activecampaign

When it comes to pricing, activecampaign and getresponse are both fairly priced, when it comes to the features they offer, you’re going to have to make a choice based on the features you’re looking out for the most. There are some features that activecampaign might have and getresponse might not have, and vice versa, it will be up to you to make a decision.

When it comes to email and spam features, deliverability, integration of third-party apps, and even customer support, activecampaign stands out more than getresponse, which is why activecampaign might be a solid pick.

But when it comes to features like design and flexibility, registration forms, and email marketing features, getresponse rates are a little bit higher than activecampaign and if those are the key features you’re looking out for, getresponse will be a clear winner for you.

Aweber vs Activecampaign

When it comes to pricing, Aweber offers a free plan and on top of that, its monthly prices based on the number of subscribers on your list are way cheaper than that of activecampaign. On Aweber, you can pay $29 per month for 2,500 contact lists while activecampaign charges $39 per month for the same number.

When it comes to how easy it is to use these two email solutions, activecampaign offers more ease of use than Aweber, and it also gives you a lot of features that are definitely worth the higher price tag, so at the end of the day, your choice depends on your priorities.

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