Best Way to Track Your Employee With cocospy

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Nowadays hiring good help is a real struggle. A good workforce is the lifeblood of any small to midsized business (SMB). Individual micromanagement is out of the question so what should companies do when their employees aren’t performing?

Until technology perfects fully realized automation and mechanization through artificial intelligence, we’re always going to have to work with human variables. It sounds cold, right? But working with people can be so frustrating. That’s why you might be tempted to do something like download an app to track their phone without them knowing.

Since we can’t ship out human beings and replace them with machines (yet), it’s important to keep a careful eye on each employee.

Employees can be disobedient, misbehaving, lazy or even prone to crime. So how do you ensure that an employee isn’t slacking or misusing company resources?

In this article, we’re going to give you a few careful tips on the best ways to keep track of your employees.

How to Keep Track of Your Workforce

1.      Using Cocospy to track your employee’s movements

Cocospy is an affordable way to track your employees’ smartphone device usage. In addition to this, you can track their location and even create Geofence alerts. This is ideal, especially if they’re using a company phone. Cocospy is undetectable so you can track your employees’ movements covertly.

cocospy for phone

More about Cocospy

Cocospy allows you to spy and monitor your employee’s mobile devices. It’s easy to use and provides you access to their latest real-time location data. You can also monitor their phone usage, for instance, who they message and who they call from their phones.


Cocospy has millions of users. It’s been recognized and has received acclaim from major blogs and websites like PC World, Forbes, Life Hacker, The New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Android Authority and many more.

It has versions for both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.  What puts Cocospy above other tracking and monitoring apps is it allows you to view and monitor social apps such as FB, WhatsApp, Instagram or  Snap chat etc. without having to root or jailbreak your device.

In terms of detectability, Cocospy is near undetectable on devices that it’s run on. It has virtually no impact on system resources and it doesn’t even require you to install any apps on the iOS version.

If you want to know more about this wonderful app, you can visit their website here:

cocospy iphone

2.      Set up video surveillance

Usually, stores and businesses will set up surveillance and monitoring camera’s to dissuade customers and criminals from stealing products. Surveillance can also be used to monitor and keep track of your employee’s activities. It’s a great management tool for ensuring that they are productive and not violating business practices.

This type of monitoring can also be used to extract empirical evidence and objective proof of employee misconduct. It can also be used to motivate workers to perform more diligently.

Be careful, in many American states, video surveillance is carefully regulated by state law. You have to check with your state laws before implementing this type of monitoring.

Recording your employees doing such activities such as undressing, changing their clothes or using the restroom is prohibited by the law and can result in criminal penalties.

3.      Record Phone Conversations

With Cocospy, you can track your employees and their phone usage. How about when they’re at work, using your company’s landline phone? Federal law (in America and other countries) allows employers to actually monitor employee’s phone conversations. However, this is only true for business-related phone calls. Like phone calls with a client, other employees or suppliers.

Employers are generally prohibited from monitoring personal calls and must stop recording and monitoring the call when they know it’s personal.

The only exception for recording personal phone calls is when it is known that phone calls are explicitly prohibited by workplace policy.

The recording and monitoring of voice mails must be done with justification. For instance, a documented suspicion of misconduct.

The recording of phone conversations may be done with phone taps or an electronic recording system.

Final Word

It’s important not to exclude the human element from your management style. Empathize with your employees and check in with them once in a while.

Remember that this may be dependent on their personality types as well. Some employees may be introverted while others are extroverted. So it’s important to understand each of your employee’s personality type if you hope to manage them correctly.

You’re also not in the wrong if you ask for an explanation of what an employee has been working on lately. This will keep them accountable and it will also help inform you about their productivity and progress.

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful. Working with people can be tricky but not impossible. We hope this article helps you get around the pitfalls of modern management. Thank you for reading.

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