Can You Use Elementor Pro with Second Line Themes

Can You Use Elementor Pro with Second Line Themes?

The big question is can you use elementor pro with second-line themes? Those familiar with second-line themes know they work perfectly to build a podcast website. In this article, we will answer the question and even guide you on how to go about it before rounding up.

Many web developers use Elementor pro because it is straightforward to customize and edit. You will have access to many widgets if you use elementor pro and a ton of other features. It doesn’t matter if you are building a blog, e-commerce store, portfolio or CV website, landing pages, and any website.

Elementor Pro has it all, but how well does it work with Second Line themes since they are designed for a podcast website? Let’s find out.

Can You Use Elementor Pro with Second Line Themes?

The Second Line Theme has a collection of themes compatible with WordPress. Elementor Pro works with almost all the themes and plugins available for WordPress. Second Line Themes work with Elementor Pro, but you must tweak it if you want everything to work fine.

Since Elementor Pro work with themes, it is natural for second-line themes to work well when combined on a WordPress website. For example, if you have a podcast that needs a website, then second-line themes have the perfect layout that arranges every episode in order. There are a lot of other themes out there, but they each serve their purpose.

For instance, there is no way an e-commerce theme will fit into a blog unless some tweaking is carried out. However, most of the themes are open source, and they can be edited to fit into specific categories.

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a popular WordPress page builder plugin that lets you create layouts for your WordPress website with a drag and drop layout. It has a lot of professional tools that will speed up your workflow and design.

It comes with a Theme Builder that lets users customize every part of a theme they decide to use for their WordPress website. Elementor Pro also has a collection of professional widgets and features. It also has a lot of templates and blocks that can be used while creating your website.

Elementor Pro is advanced, and it comes with features that are not available if you are using the basic Elementor. However, many professionals use Elementor Pro because of its added features and creative freedom.

Second Line Themes

There are a lot of themes available for WordPress websites, but there are hardly any themes that are specially designed for podcast websites, and that is where Second Line Themes come in place. They are a collection of different themes available if you want to create a WordPress website for your podcast.

They have a built-in layout that will perfectly align every episode of your podcast. In addition, some second-line themes allow you to integrate your YouTube videos directly on the website. The themes are easy to customize, and you can change colors, themes, and layouts. They are responsive and look good no matter the device used to access your podcast website.

There are plugins available that can import content from different platforms to your website with a single click.

Second Line Themes Features

Podcast Player

Second-line themes come with a podcast player depending on the theme you choose for your website. These allow listeners to play your podcast easily without any barrier or hesitation. Every episode’s page has a podcast player at the top. Listeners can also adjust the volume on the page while listening to the podcast. You can also skip, rewind, and fast forward while listening.

The Gumbo and Dixie theme part of the Second line themes feature a player at the top, center, and front.

Episode Archives

Episode navigation is difficult for a podcast, but second-line themes have a unique way of solving this problem. Dixie arranges every episode according to a particular topic to save people navigating through several episodes to find a specific topic.

Anyone managing a podcast knows how hard it is to collect different podcast episodes and keep them in order or playlist.

Support Third Players

Second-line themes also allow users to add third-party podcast players with a subscription. You can use a simple podcast press or smart podcast player with any second-line theme on your website. Once you add any of these players, the theme will look different. Users also must pay extra if they want to use third-party players with second-line themes.

Episode Filter

Another essential feature is the episode filter. These allow users to filter episodes based on their interests. Users wouldn’t have to swipe through hundreds of episodes to listen to the topics of their interest. If your website has many contents, having categories will improve usability.


Second-line themes and elementor pro work well together. It is left to you to decide the best second-line theme you want to use on your podcast website. The themes are not free, and you have to pay $69 for every theme you decide to use. Nevertheless, second-line themes offer the best solution to build a podcast website.