AOMEI Oculus Mover Free Review

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Move Oculus Rift games and applications from its original drive to another drive with AOMEI Oculus Mover Free.

We often use the traditional way to move Oculus to another drive. Have you ever been bothered to move Oculus to another drive to do it with mklink? Because you have to open “Command Prompt” and type in mklink commands. This may not be difficult for the IT engineer, but for you an average user, this is clearly too complicated. Today we will introduce a good tool AOMEI Oculus Mover. It can help you to move the games to the directory of your choice to free up the limited storage space in the Oculus Games directory.

Oculus Rift can help you save a lot of disk space for other purposes, perhaps to save the future Oculus Rift VR game or the Oculus Rift’s upcoming game. Besides if you want to migrate games for Oculus Rift, Oculus Game Mover can help you to move other items out of original storage space, such as Oculus Rift videos, apps, pictures, music, etc. as long as these items were stored in ”Software” or ”Download” folder in Oculus.

AOMEI Oculus Mover Free

AOMEI Oculus Mover free 2.0 download:


AOMEI vrBackupper

AOMEI vrBackupper offers a better way to back up your Oculus content than the official method from Oculus. AOMEI vrBackupper is a 64-bit Windows 10 program that can backup, restore, or migrate your Oculus Rift installation, or just your installed games and apps. AOMEI vrBackupper helps you protect & manage your Oculus Rift and make you use Oculus Rift more easily. AOMEI vrBackupper help you to move VR game to another drive and backup, restore and migrate Oculus Rift at the same time.


AOMEI Oculus Mover ensures Oculus’ normal work once you move Oculus installation directory to another drive. If you’re a game fan, or you like to play with the Oculus Rift game, you need more storage space to download and install more games. You can choose AOMEI Oculus Mover! If you want to backup and restore files/folders, system, partitions and disks with another backup programs AOMEI Backupper.

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