AnyTrans Review: Best iOS Phone Backup Software?

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What makes AnyTrans the best iOS phone backup software? It’s Media Downloader.

AnyTrans has a powerful feature called ” Media Downloader” which enables users to download online videos from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, BBC, MetaCafe and other video sharing sites. iPhone and iPad users can now download music and video for free using the media downloader feature within AnyTrans software.

anytrans media downloader

The Media Downloader is totally free to use which means all you need to do is download the latest version of Anytrans for MAC, plug in your iPhone or iPad and download YouTube videos for free, safe without any issues.

AnyTrans is also a one-stop solution for iOS data transfer, backup, and management.

Features of AnyTrans Phone Backup Software

  1. Media Downloader
  2. Limited Data Transfer Possibilities
  3. Easy Backup & Restore Solutions
  4. Better iPhone/iPad Media Control
  5. Seamless Transfer between Phones

Media Downloader

This is the best feature AnyTrans has to offer because downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad is not a common thing to do but with AnyTrans, you can download YouTube, Instagram videos for free.

Limited Data Transfer Possibilities

We discovered that AnyTrans breaks the data transfer boundary by offering a full-way data transfer between two mobile devices irrespective of their platforms. So you can transfer files from Android to iOS and vice versa.

Easy Backup & Restore Solutions

All your files will be securely backed up automatically to the cloud and restore option is very accessible to you.

Better iPhone/iPad Media Control

You have more control over your media than when you use iTunes. You can organize and export your photos, music and videos to your computer at any given time.

Seamless Transfer between Phones

With AnyTrans, you can break the limit or barrier of brands, models, manufacturers, platforms and easily move your data between phones without any limit

How to Download Videos from YouTube to your iPhone/iPad using AnyTrans


We have heard so much about this media downloader function. Now, it’s time to test it. So, to be able to download videos from YouTube, Instagram and other 900+ sites to your iPhone/iPad use AnyTrans.

ios phone backup

Step 1

Download the latest version of AnyTrans – DOWNLOAD LINK

Note: Please download the left “AnyTrans for iOS“



Step 2

Open AnyTrans for iOS. Plug in your iPhone or iPad and Click on the Video Download Button on the top of the software’s window.

anytrans media downloader

Step 3

Go to YouTube, Instagram, BBC or any other 900+ video website, find the video you want to download and copy the URL of the video.


Step 4

Paste the link. Select the destination folder and Click on Download.

Step 5

Check the status of your downloaded videos


Need to download YouTube or Instagram videos on your iPhone or iPad? Use AnyTrans Media Downloader feature, which enables users to download online videos from YouTube and another 900+ sites to iPhone iPad and computer. This feature is totally free to use.

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