3 Best Android Torrent Apps for Downloading

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Android Torrent Apps are very useful especially when you don’t have access to a computer. It’s easier and faster to download torrent on phones, believe me I have experimented and compared the results and still came up with the conclusion that downloading torrents using these top 3 best Android Torrent downloaders is faster than downloading torrents on a computer through a torrent client like uTorrent or bittorent.

I recently had to spend sometime away from my computer, not by choice but because it developed a fault and I had to take it to the technician to get it fixed. It’s still getting repaired and I have writing this guide from my old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it’s weird, like writing a blog post with your phone is hard there is hardly no flexibility and ability to use multiple tabs and windows at once to fully write a really worthwhile article but I would make it work.Android Torrent Apps

I also had to do some torrent downloading and my computer was out of commission I had to use my phone and this part gave me joy because I remembered how fast downloading torrents with an Android is. So I went to Google Play store searched to torrent looking for the best Android Torrent apps out there and I found quite some good ones but overall I found 3 that were really good and I ended up using one which was the clear winner!

3 Best Android Torrent Apps

I got to the conclusion of the best 3 torrent android apps by going focusing on simplicity, stability and speed.

#1. Flud – Torrent Downloader


Flud Android torrent app is a fast, lightweight, stable and simple app that downloads torrents really fast, it’s the fastest i’ve seen. The flud torrent downloader did very well when tested on simplicity, stability and speed.

  • Free
  • Fast and Stable Torrent Downloads
  • Lightweight app
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to use and navigate

Flud has a lot of features and it’s free but it ads are becoming annoying, you can always buy pro version worth $1.50

#2. Cattorrent – Torrent Client


Cattorrent is totally and absolutely free. It is extremely lightweight and idle for those android phones or tablets that really do not have a robust RAM size. It is simple, fast and enables swift app movement making the app feel more fluid in your hands.

  • Free
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Fast torrent downloading
  • Simple UI

#3. Utorrent –  Torrent Downloader


This is a veteran android torrent app. It has been around for quite a long time and it has some good features but it falls short in some certain areas. It’s not simple in design and user friendly and it can be a tad slow, buggy and make your phone slow and hot.

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