Alldebrid vs Deepbrid – Which is the Best Premium Link Generator?

Everybody downloads some type of file that’s why we want to know the winner between Alldebrid vs Deepbrid; you either download it through an application or directly to your phone or any device with this feature. As the internet’s capacity increases along with its resources, internet service providers have increased their capacity and keep improving to meet up.

Alldebrid vs Deepbrid – Which is the better premium link generator? Deepbrid is better than Alldebrid because they have a free account and support more premium hosting sites.

Despite the increase in quality/strength of a network, downloading still has its hitches as it is not just dependent on the network strength because the source site (the download site) has a role to play in making a download as smooth as possible.

Music, movies, games are usually uploaded to file-hosting sites. Getting them should not be a problem, but getting them has become a chore because; 

  1. You are not the only one trying to download it, so there is a lot of traffic making it slow
  2. It keeps redirecting you to a different page.
  3. If you finally get to download it, but it stops abruptly, you need to start all over. Now you have not just wasted your data, but you have also wasted your time. Premium link generators help eliminate these problems.

There are various methods of downloading, and one of these methods is through premium link generators. Premium link generators are websites that enable you to download files or resources to your device from multiple file hosting websites.

Some premium link generators allow you to get files from a few websites, while others will enable you to choose from a broader range of websites. As exciting as this sounds, there is the tendency to suffer analysis or decision paralysis as you can pick from many available services. Every premium link generator usually has a unique feature that distinguishes it from others.

Best Overall



  • Free premium account.
  • Over 80 file-hosting sites.
  • 720p WeTorrent cloud download.bcam


Also Good



  • Over 70 hosting sites.
  • 7-day free trial with 25GB.
  • Integration with various third-party tools.


To get the right one, you have to filter; the slow ones (i.e., generating links and downloading files). The sites that are decorated with ads or a better description might be infested with them. Then the ones that give you virus as a souvenir for visiting the website. There is also affordability; they have different subscription plans, so you should pick the one you can afford. You don’t want to pay for one month and start struggling with payment another month.

When you find a good premium link generator, it is more affordable and reliable than regular file hosting websites. So, it’s like going to purchase an item from a shop, but the queue is long, so you go to an alternative shop for the same thing, there is no queue, and you get the exact product you need without spending so much time.

Premium link generators can be compared to the example in the previous paragraph. They create a link different from the link on a file hosting site as that link has a lot of people trying to download, making it slower.

This new link allows you to download files faster. It will enable you to download multiple files from these file-hosting sites (e.g., Turbobit and Rapidgator), making it a multi-host system.

Why should you use a premium link generator? Downloading files are essential; this is a fact as almost everybody does it. Torrent and internet download manager are two of the most popular downloading tools; they are good but cannot capture files from file-hosting sites.

Paying for a premium account on file-hosting sites you use is not feasible for everybody as paying for every single one is expensive. Developers of premium link generators understand this and offer their services as an affordable alternative.

Using these link generators is very easy. First, you go to the file-hosting site, look for the link for your file, copy the link and paste it into the premium link generator site. The generator site then downloads the file from the hosting site’s server to its server to reduce time spent downloading the file and then creating a link to download the file.

Every premium link generator has different payment plans with different prices, which you can pick from to best suit your download needs. There are many premium link generators, but we will focus on just two in this article; Alldebrid and Deepbrid.

1. Deepbrid

Deepbrid is a web-based download manager with a Swiss origin that supports over 80 file-hosting sites. This premium link generator supports hosting sites like Wdupload, Easybytez, Filefactory, Nitroflare and others with a connection speed of 1Gbps owing to its dedicated servers. It eradicates limitations and gives you an ad-free, high speed and constant availability experience. 

The service developers aim to provide every user with a premium experience, a scarce feature with any service platform that requires a payment plan.

You can run a free account with no trial, just free, and all you have to do is register. This free account enables you to get files from 4 hosting sites daily with a 1.2GB quota. Some features are accessible, but not all, as those privileges are reserved for premium account holders. You can also select the number of months you want to use this free account.




Deepbrid, unlike most free accounts that other services offer, Deepbrid free account users are not so much at a disadvantage aside from the file hosting site limit and limited quota. Other features like premium speed, safe download without a VPN, and resume support are at your disposal.


This service supports data and resources/file capture from any type of BitTorrent link, HTTP and HTTPS. For premium accounts, you can store your torrents in a Torrent Cloud download service to download later. You can also use Jdownloader 2 and other download managers.

If the free account is good, why should you get a premium account? Deepbrid offers you a download experience that is not limited by file size, amount of links generation daily or remote uploads. For torrent lovers, this service has got you covered without limiting the number of your downloads. Okay, maybe unlimited is a stretch, so there are a few limitations; you can only have 12 active torrents in your cloud space. 

Some host sites have daily limits, but the daily allocated size is sufficient for an average or a little above average user. Asides from these two limitations, you are good to go. When you convert your links, and you are ready to download, you can use a download manager to navigate it or the Deepbrid downloader as it works just the same. Using Deepbrid is easy. 

After registering, you get the link to your resource and paste it in the space provided in Deepbrid, convert and download. You can sign up directly or via other platforms like Gmail and Facebook. Payment can be made via various media like cryptocurrency, credit cards and so on.

For referring a friend or anyone really, a 20% commission is given to you, and they pay via PayPal, Bitcoin and the two platforms to exchange with a premium plan (Credits or Payoneer). Unlike Alldebrid that has a few restrictions on VPN, Deepbrid lets you use VPN. The premium subscription plans are; €4.99 for 30 days, €12.99 for 90 days. €19.99 for 180 days and €32.99 for 365 days.

Some supported file host sites.

Available for Premium users.

1fichier, 4shared, alfafile (limited), ausfile (limited), backin, bayfiles, bdupload, big4shared (limited), buenastatreas, calameo, clicknupload, dailymotion, dailymotion, dailyuploads, datafilehost, ddownload (limited), depositfiles (limited), docs, Easybytez (limited), extmatrix, fastshare, file (limited), file4safe, filefactory, fileflyer, filenext (limited), filer, filerio, filescdn, firedrop, fireget, flashx, free, gigapeta, goloady (limited), hitfile (limited), hotlink (limited), hulkshare, icerbox (limited), inclouddrive, indishare, issuu, k2s (limited), katfile (limited), littlebyte, mediafire, mega, mexashare (limited), nitroflare (limited), oboom, prefiles, promptfile, racaty, radiotunes, rapidgator (limited), rapidrar, rapidvideo, rutube, salefiles, scribd, sendit, sendspace, slideshare, soundcloud, takefile (limited), turbobit (limited), tusfiles, unibytes, upload, uploadboy, uploaded (limited), uploadgig (limited), uploadrocket, uptobox, userscloud, vidoza, vimeo, wdupload (limited), worldbytez, wushare, xubster, youtube, zippyshare.

For free users

1fichier, 4shared, ddownload, easybytez, extmatrix, filefactory, filenext, goloady, hitfile, katfile, littlebyte, mediafire, mega, prefiles, rapidrar, tusfiles, uploaded, uptobox, Wdupload, wushare, youtube, zippyshare.


  • Free premium account.
  • Over 80 file-hosting sites.
  • Torrent cloud download.
  • Fast


  • Limited third-party tools.


2. Alldebrid

Alldebrid is an online platform that provides download services that eliminate any restrictions embedded in file hosting service sites. A premium account gives a user access to unlock content that is limited on a file hosting service. This premium account is the best account option to go for if you want to enjoy downloading.

The word “debride” means to remove so, the Alldebrid service offers the removal of restrictions and the option to convert magnet files to direct download links (for the non-torrent users).

It also has an online tool that is used for unlocking these links. To unlock a link, you insert the link you want to download or convert in the box provided and then when it has been generated. You can proceed to download it.

It offers the opportunity to download from over 70 file host sites and over 100 streaming sites with a connection speed of 1Gbps. There is a tool for converting magnet files to Uptobox links.

The Chrome and Firefox browsers can adopt this tool or service through their extension feature, and navigation is accessible through the simple design of the said feature. This feature is also available for Opera, Edgium, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Brave and any other chromium-based browser. An extension makes capturing files on a page accessible.

Best Overall



Once this addon is installed, the Alldebrid icon will be the path (shortcut) to navigate any feature available. When you are browsing a site, you can check this addon to view downloadable files or resources on the page by scanning the page. 

You don’t even have to check it; when you are browsing a page, it notifies you of capturable links making download easier and faster if this extension is turned on. These features are created for the optimization and facilitation of the service.


There is also a streaming tool feature that gives you two streaming options; stream and local stream. The former is only viable for .mp4 files, so this makes it very limited. The latter provides the media player on your system full access (pause/play, inserting subtitles, casting to other devices and so on) to stream the generated link. It is compatible with any file format (audio and video).

This impressive feature is not without its limitations as you need; an Alldebrid addon, an Alldebrid streaming script and a compatible multimedia player. You can get both the addon and streaming script from

Mobile users (android) are not left out as the mobile version is available to any compatible smartphone. It offers almost all the Alldebrid features in a simplified view tailored for your smartphone. It allows you to use the downloader and torrent tool (including managing torrent links). Streaming, just like the desktop or PC platform, is limited to an Alldebrid compatible player. This feature makes this service compatible with a mobile lifestyle as you don’t always have to bring out your PC to download your files.

The mobile version has its limitations as you cannot create an account, you cannot renew your subscription, you don’t have access to the forum, and you cannot contact the service providers. Asides from these limitations, it still offers an overall good experience and performance.

The Alldebrid service has a media folder made available through an HTTP link; you can find this feature on the user panel. The folder displays your last 72-hour history, saved links and magnet torrent files that can be streamed. To access this feature, you can use your browser or a third-party HTTP folder manager like Kodi.

Now, other third-party tools are compatible with Alldebrid. Jdownloader is one; this tool has a plugin developed so that you can add your Alldebrid account via its account manager feature. After inserting any desired username and password, save it and wait for Jdownloader to verify it.

Internet download manager (IDM) and free download manager (FDM) are the two most popular download managers representing other third-party download manager tools that Alldebrid can use as they can download HTTP links. Since they do not offer an Alldebrid integration, you need to generate the link in Alldebrid and capture the link via these managers. Using these managers gives you better control over your downloads in terms of speed, multiple downloads, resumption of downloads and so on.

Candisoft load is another third-party tool, and all you have to do is add your Alldebrid account. Like the IDM and FDM is the Ant Download Manager, this manager offers you a faster path to download as you don’t have to generate your link by going to the Alldebrid page because it is a feature of this download manager. Mipony and Payload are other third-party tools that can be used with Alldebrid. 

Although all the third-party tools listed are compatible with Alldebrid, if you have any issues with these third-party tools, they cannot be resolved by Alldebrid but by the third-party tool company. If you are always protective or cautious of the sites where you download from as you should be, you don’t need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as the Alldebrid service does not reveal your IP address. 

This limitation does not mean you cannot use a VPN; you can use authorized ones, and for the ones that are not authorized, you only have to complete the application form available in a premium account. This application does not guarantee that your request will be approved, and if they detect something fishy, they will blacklist your account.

Purchasing a premium account comes with points they have termed fidelity points that can be used to buy premium days when these points get to a certain amount. You have an invite link that also gives you points when used by others for their first premium account purchase only. Other limitations might be a challenge as some tools that are not allowed include; dedicated service, enterprise networks, proxies and private services.

Now, how do you use this service? When you sign up, there is a 7-day free trial with a 25GB download size attached; like every free trial, its purpose is to give you a test run to see if the service suits your needs. If it does, there are two subscription plans; the first is a monthly recurring charge of €2.99 that is automatically renewed, and the second is a one-time payment of €3.99 that is charged for a minimum of 30 days.

 You have the opportunity to pay for more than 30 days at once. The first subscription plan can be made via credit card only, and the second subscription plan can be made via any payment platform (i.e., PayPal, cryptocurrency and so on).

File Hosting Sites

uptobox, uptostream, 1fichier, megradl, alterupload, cjoint, desfichiers, dfichiers, mesfichiers, piecejointe, pjointe, tenvoi, dl4free, uploaded, turbobit, hitfile, wayupload, hitfile, 4shared, anzfile, bayfiles, wipfiles, dropmyfiles, highstream, cloudfile, earn4files, fastbit, mexashare, zippyshare, xubster, wushare, worldbytez, vimeo, dailymotion.


  • Over 70 hosting sites.
  • 7-day free trial with 25GB.
  • Integration with various third-party tools.
  • It eliminates buffering.


  • Flawed support system (customer service).
  • It does not support all file hosting sites.


Alldebrid vs Deepbrid – Which is Better?

From the analysis above, Alldebrid vs Deepbrid are both excellent premium link generators. Choosing either service is dependent on your needs; there are a few this you want to look out for before you make your decision.

Free Premium Account

Alldebrid gives you a 7-day free trial to assess if the service is suitable for you, while Deepbrid gives you a premium free account with a daily limitation. These features mean that if you are not a heavy downloader, you should weigh which of the free account option will be perfect for you but remember one is for 7 days, and the other is for as long as you want.

They both offer the removal of limitations, i.e., some sites make downloading difficult either through ads, redirecting or time limit without an option of resuming. For the last point, if you regularly download cumbersome files, you understand the frustration of getting to about 60% or even 50%, and the download stops abruptly. 

There is no option to resume, and the site tells you (with a clock counting down) that you should come back at a particular time. Both services are a way out of said frustration, significantly reducing time spent trying to get files.

They both offer access to streaming sites, but for Alldebrid, the local stream option is the preferred one. It might not be yours, so you can read more on the Alldebrid stream feature under its subheading, where the feature is fully explained. Deepbrid, on the other hand, gives you a web player to play any file format.

Addons are browser extensions that make certain services easily accessible. Alldebrid has an addon feature designed to accommodate a wide range of browsers, while Deepbrid has no addon feature. This feature might not be a deal-breaker if you are not big on addons because they make an app or tool easy to use, especially tools for data/resource capture.

Supported File Hosting Sites

Alldebrid has access to over 70 file-hosting sites, while Deepbrid has access to over 80 hosting sites. Now, on the face value, you should pick the one with more hosting sites, but both services don’t host the same websites. 

Yes, there are sites available for both services, but the host sites available for Deepbrid and Alldebrid are not identical. Invariably, it would be best if you looked at the valuable sites you visit most because sometimes less is more and other times more is better.

Now, some file host sites are not being available for both services; this makes it apparent that neither service has not updated their website to depict perfectly accurate information, or maybe they are still working on making these file host sites available. Either way, please be aware of this issue.

Subscription Charge

In terms of pricing, the Alldebrid fee is less than Deepbrid as the former offers a monthly charge of €2.99 while the latter provides a 30-day charge of €4.99.


They both offer 1Gbps connection speed, but Deepbrid seems faster. Please note, you cannot maximize the speed that each service offers with a poor internet connection; once your local network is taken care of, you can enjoy the download speed they offer.

Although they both have a 1Gbps connection, Deepbrid, for some reason, seems to be the service that either reaches this height or gets as close as possible to it.

If you love streaming your videos online, you will love both services. Do you remember how you have to buffer a video before you watch it? Well, be prepared to end that frustrating feature. Both Alldebrid and Deepbrid eliminate this buffering issue. This feature is very evident in Alldebrid.


Making these services unlimited without any exception is not feasible for the company as they are trying to offer affordable services and still make a profit to stay in business. So, few restrictions are placed on both services. The first one is the total daily limit on upload and downloads size.

Asides from the premium link generator’s limit, host file sites have their restrictions too. Deepbrid clearly stated the limits on each file hosting service. 

Alldebrid has no clearly defined restrictions. If you need clarity on some policies or features, you can use the forum platform Alldebrid offers; you can ask questions and get answers from their support systems and fellow users. This forum feature is not available on Deepbrid.


Downloading files online can be frustrating when there are so many ads obstructing your screen. There is also the challenge of redirecting you to other pages, and other pests like behaviors; Alldebrid and Deepbrid take care of these pest problems; both have a well-developed interface designed without ads.

They are both not wholly ad-free as their websites still have a few ads, but we can confidently say that if you have any challenge or inconvenience using them, ads will not be the culprit as link generation and download will not be hindered by them

Third-Party Tools

The Alldebrid service is more receptive to third-party tools especially download managers, but there is a slight restriction on VPNs. On the other hand, Deepbrid does not support third-party tools in a range as wide as Alldebrid, but it supports VPN.


Downloading is not an activity that is restricted to desktop or PC users. Alldebrid recognises this, and it developed a mobile version with a few restrictions for this purpose, while Deepbrid does not have this feature. Both services can be used on any browser.


You clicked this article because you download regularly, and you are looking for ways to maximize your download either through a PC, phone or any other device that allows this feature. 

Once you have an internet service that is secure and suitable for downloads, a list of files to download, you are good to go. If you have any issue with downloading via any of these services, please check if the quality/strength of your network is good before you make a complaint to the customer support system.

Some host sites are listed but are not functioning (as stated earlier); if you experience this, choose another host site and then download it. The premium accounts are tremendous, but you should take advantage of the free account option to weigh the best option for your download needs. Especially these features; speed, download resumption and availability of host sites

Using a premium link generator is an affordable way to enjoy downloads. This article’s focus is on Alldebrid and Deepbrid because we believe that they offer the most and best advantages above other premium link generators. 

We have eliminated paralysis analysis for you by narrowing it down to just these two. They do not have perfectly identical features (especially with file host sites and subscription payment plans), so our dues to our analysis, you are have been presented the opportunity to pick from these two great choices.

Remember, the premium link generator site you should pick must have an above-average speed when generating and downloading links. It has a decent interface that is easy to navigate and not riddled with ads; it values your privacy, so it does not reveal your IP address and values your device protection, so it should not harbor viruses. It is also affordable with flexible subscription plans. Both Alldebrid and Deepbrid meet all these requirements.

They are both reliable and more affordable than most, if not all, other premium link generator sites. If you like both services, you can use both as one can serve as a backup. 

For example, if you want to download on your mobile phone, this feature is only available on Alldebrid, and if you’re going to download small-sized files daily, but you don’t want to pay for a premium service, Deepbrid has you covered. This example in no way suggests that these services are complementary in general, but they might be if that makes them fulfill your needs.

They are easy to use; you register by creating an account, you proceed to search for your file on a hosting site. When you find this file, you copy the link and paste it into the premium link generator site, and then it creates a link that is different from the link on a file hosting site to cut down the traffic on that file and make download smoother.

Overall, the Deepbrid is considered a better premium link generator as it offers its free account users an unlimited premium feature. It tends to be faster and allows you to access more file hosting sites. Remember to weigh the features of both to see the one that best suits you.

Premium link generators make file downloads; cheaper, faster, available with less restriction, ad-free. You should seriously sign up for one if you love downloading files. Picking your service provider (as all decisions) is dependent on your needs, especially regarding speed and the file host sites you use regularly.

After all these explanations, we hope you find using these services a no-brainer because they are, now go and maximize your downloads.