Airtel Free Browsing & Unlimited Downloading on PC with AirBand

Airtel free browsing cheat is back from the makers of Digitool – HeaderHandler VPN. There is no need to subscription or credit. Just download AirBand and enjoy!! It works with 0.0k and make sure you don’t have any active data plan on the sim, you can use your old digitool premium account on AirBand.

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  • Any registered Airtel-NG Sim with 0.0k and No active data plan
  • HeaderHandler’s Username and Password (Preferably Premium Account)
  • AirBand Software on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop

How Do i Use Airtel Free Browsing with AirBand

  • Go to HeaderHandler to register a free account. You can use this account to test this Airtel free browsing method before you pay for the premium service. I have a premium account it’s so much better because there are no restrictions to the amount of data i can use (Unlimited Data).
  • Download AirBand [For PC] [Proxy + VPN] [32-bit]: Installer || ZIP
    Download AirBand [For PC] [Proxy + VPN] [64-bit]: Installer || ZIP
  • The Installer version is the installation version, Just download – Install normally – Start the software while the ZIP version is just download – extract – start using. It’s pretty straightforward and i personally prefer the ZIP version because it’s quicker, but you need to have winrar or any other compression software like 7zip installed.
  • Run AirBand as Administrator

airtel free browsing airband

  • Go to the Settings Tab. Leave everything and put only your Header Handler Username and Password. Select the Server of your choice.

headerhandler airband

  • Goto the Proxy tab. Click on Start Proxy
  • It’s connected! For better browsing/surfing experience, connect the VPN too. Head over to the VPN tab and click on Connect VPN below.
  • After Proxy and VPN are connected. Head over to your Browsers – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or whatever you use and input IP and port 8080. I use Chrome browser!

chrome settings


  1. You need a 32-bit version of JRE installed for this to work. Doesn’t matter if your PC is 64-bit. Download from:
  2. For full speed, leave your browser/IDM settings at and port can either stick to the proxy settings, or use no proxy. No proxy gives less speed, but supports all protocols.

Want to Upgrade to Premium?

See for bank payment details, for bank deposit or
See for Online Payment with your ATM card or PerfectMoney

See for reseller plans

Test Accounts available on request. Send a message to +2348037946755.

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