Air Droid: Control Your Android Device With Your PC

Air Droid Technology won’t work for anyone, just as time won’t wait for any man. You have to thrive to keep up with technology because new things are coming out everyday, people somewhere far away, probably in a secluded lab or facility or room are working day and night to make a new discovery that would revolutionize the world.

We can join them and be part of the pioneers that brings or discovers a new innovation or we could just pick the more lazier, commonly used approach and just sit at home, eat, sleep, play and become users of the new discoveries and innovation.

Air Droid

Today, let’s take a look at this android app called AirDroid. This app may be new to some of us who aren’t up-to-date with the technological trends but to those that are current with the wave of technology would know of the existence of AirDroid and what it’s capable of.

Well, for those that don’t know about AirDroid and are eager to learn about its capabilities would be satisfied at the end of this article because by then they would know all about AirDroid and why it’s so useful.



  • Android device
  • Internet Connection
  • Any android version from 1.0 to 5.1 are compatible with AirDroid

How To Use Air Droid 

  • Open AirDroid in your Android device.
  • Visit Web Airdroid with your computer and Create an account or Sign in, if you already have an account.
  • AirDroid is connected via Remote Connection Mode! Now you can control your Android device with your desktop or laptop.

NOTE: Make sure you have a strong and fast Internet connection to enable you have a smooth and sweet experience.

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What Can Air Droid Do?

  • View Pictures in your Android device in your computer screen.
View, Transfer Pictures
  • Receive the same notification your android device gets with your computer.
  • View your .apk files and apps you have installed on your Android device.
  • Air Droid gives you full access of your Android device from your Windows or Mac computers.
  • View, Send SMS with your Android device through your Computer using the full keyboard and mouse.
  • View your call logs.

AirDroid is available for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and AirDroid Web.