Do you want to give your video or audio projects a professional and unique edge?

With today’s technology, it’s easy – to use an AI voice changer app! These apps are potent tools that can create everything from authentic human voices to robots or aliens.

Whether you’re producing videos for commercial, educational, or personal use, AI voice changer apps easily create stunning audio for your projects.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 7 best AI voice-changing apps available and show how they can help transform any project into something truly exceptional.

What is an AI Voice Changer App?

AI Voice Changer Apps use a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer algorithms to alter a user’s voice. Popularly used in video games, a custom AI voice can be generated in a few clicks by selecting a character.

With the help of a voice changer, a user’s voice is transformed into a robotic AI voice or even a celebrity imitator voice. The possibilities are endless, with different characters and voices available.

This technology makes conversations more fun and immersive and allows for anonymity during calls or streaming sessions. Whether for conversation amusement or security purposes, an AI Voice Changer App is certainly a must-have tool in today’s digital age.

The 7 Best AI Voice Changer Apps in 2024

1. Voice AI

Best Choice
Voice ai

Voice AI is the perfect app for anyone looking to customize and change their voiceovers quickly.

With over 100 different AI voices available, it’s easy to find the perfect sound to fit any situation. And with a free trial available, it’s even easier to get started.


  • Free Trial Available
  • SoundBoard Feature
  • Voice Cloning
  • Voice Changing


  • App not Available for Mac Users

Whether you’re making YouTube videos, creating content on Twitch, or hosting a Zoom call or google meet meeting, Voice AI has all the tools you need to make a great impression.

It’s fast, so that you can make any changes in minutes instead of hours.

Using synthetic voice technology, it can depict any real-time voice and change it.

Plus, with soundboard features that let you mix and match recordings as you like, you can ensure your audio reflects your distinct style and personality.

Say goodbye to hours spent trying to find the best AI voice changer apps.

2. Murf.AI

Best Value
Murf AI

Murf.AI is the ultimate voice-changer app that enables anyone and everyone to convert text to speech, dictation, and much more.

With Murf, you can create compelling product audio, podcasts, and presentations without hassle or long turnaround times.


  • Large Collection of Voices
  • Emotional Speaking Styles
  • Fine Tune Voice Outputs


  • Free Plan is Limited
  • Expensive

It has a comprehensive library of over 110 voices in 15 languages, giving it incredible versatility and allowing you to create any audio content you need.

If you’re a business professional looking for an efficient way to communicate with customers and partners worldwide, then Murf.AI is a perfect choice.

Take advantage of its natural voices, tailor-made for any language or location, by using its AI-powered text-to-speech capabilities for immediate feedback.

The technology behind Murf makes it incredibly easy to get your messages across in no time – all without needing a degree in AI engineering!

For educators and podcasters alike, Murf also offers significant benefits by making it possible to transmit your vision with vivid soundscapes that capture your audience’s attention like never before.

You can easily create captivating lectures or broadcast education materials with utter simplicity thanks to Murf’s user-friendly interface.

And if you’re pressed for time with no time to spare? No worries.

Upload your texts or use pre-existing snippets with their automated transcription feature optimized by artificial intelligence.

You can also instantly download your voice-over. The process works like magic. It is one of the best ai voice changer apps you can use.

3. Lovo

Premium Option

Are you looking for a powerful text-to-speech generator? Look no further than Lovo.

This incredible tool is the perfect solution for any individual involved in games, audio ads, e-learning, and audiobooks, as it eliminates the need to record their voices.

Buy Now


  • Over 180 voices in 33 languages
  • Human Emotion with every Voice
  • Text-to-Voice Feature


  • Choice of Voice can be limited depending on the Audio

With Lovo, you must import the text you want to convert into a natural voice.

This technology not only sounds natural and clear but is also highly accurate.

It does this by relying on advanced AI technology for conversion – making it one of the world’s top AI voice generators.

Some big companies, such as Nvidia, already use this powerful AI voice generator.

4. Synthesys

Runner Up

Are you looking for a powerful text-to-speech generator? Look no further than Lovo.

This incredible tool is the perfect solution for any individual involved in games, audio ads, e-learning, and audiobooks, as it eliminates the need to record their voices.


  • 30 Male and 35 Female Voices to Choose From
  • Life Like Voice Over


  • Daily Limit of VoiceOvers

With Lovo, you must import the text you want to convert into natural voices.

This technology not only sounds natural and clear but is also highly accurate.

It does this by relying on advanced AI technology for conversion – making it one of the world’s top voice generators.

5. Listnr

Hidden Gem

Listnr is an intelligent AI text-to-speech voice changer app that meets all your audio conversion needs.

This user-friendly, intuitive app converts your text into a natural-sounding voice with just the click of a button.


  • Customizable Audio Player
  • Versatile
  • Audio Analytics


  • Some Audio Conversions don’t work
  • Speech can Sound Emotionless

Whether for commercial broadcasts or personal use, Listnr offers perfect audio results.

Listnr makes it easy to customize audio experiences and embed them into blogs, podcasts, and other digital platforms.

For example, you can select from its broad genres, including professional narrations, guidance, mimicry, and more.

You can choose pauses, accents, and more for an even more enjoyable listening experience.

Integrating Listnr into your blog means that whatever content you write can be read in a personalized way to help engage your audience better than ever before.

It’s also great if you want a podcast version of your blog posts while still being able to maintain control of distribution rights on platforms such as Apple Music and Google Podcasts.

Listnr is multilingual, it supports 17 languages and dialects.

6. Speechelo

Hidden Gem

Speechelo is the perfect AI voice changer for anyone who wants to make their videos stand out from the crowd.

This powerful text-to-speech engine converts any text into a human-sounding voiceover in three simple steps and allows users to choose the perfect tone for their video.


  • Text Editor
  • You can change Speech and Pitch
  • Over 30 natural Voices


  • Limited to only Three tones

With support for 24 languages, compatibility with a range of platforms, and the ability to add inflections to the voice, Speechelo is ideal for all kinds of video projects.

Whether you’re creating training materials, sales videos, educational resources, or something else, Speechelo can give your work an extra degree of power and impact.

With Speechelo at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to produce high-quality voiceovers that keep viewers and listeners engaged and interested in your content.

7. Streams Speak

Hidden Gem
Streams Speak

Streams Speak is an advanced machine learning-based voice changer tool that makes it easier to create natural-sounding text-to-speech.

They have a simple web-based interface that allows beginners to access this powerful technology and generate files with up to 1000 characters in each text.


  • Free voice changer
  • Three English Speaking Styles


  • Limited to 1000 words

The voice-changing technology platform uses voice filters and ai models to create unique voices.

Using Streams Speak, you can choose from three different English-speaking styles that let you customize the resulting sound however you’d like.

Streams Speak is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern and effective AI voice-changing app.

It can change any voice in real-time and generate human speech standards.

The AI Voice over platform offers an unbeatable combination of features, power, and ease of use.

It is one of the best free AI voice changer apps you can use.

Are there any real voice changers?

Yes, there are many real voice changers available.

AI-powered voice generators like those mentioned above can produce real and natural-sounding voices for any text input.

These voice changers are ideal for creating audio effects for videos or podcasts.

Additionally, some voice-changing apps allow users to change the pitch of their voices in real time and use their voices for various audio projects.

These apps are great for creating professional-sounding voiceovers or making funny prank calls.

No matter your purpose, there’s sure to be an authentic voice changer app that fits your needs.

How much does voice AI cost?

The cost of voice AI depends on the features you need and the platform you choose.

For example, some apps mentioned above are free, while others may require a subscription or one-time payment.

It’s essential to research each platform carefully before deciding which one best fits your budget and needs.

In some cases, it may be worth investing in a more expensive platform if it can save you time and money in the long run.

Voice AI is a compelling technology that can create stunning audio effects for videos or podcasts. With so many options available, there


Voice AI technology has come a long way. From basic text-to-speech to sophisticated AI-powered voice changers, numerous solutions are available for creating natural-sounding audio effects and voiceovers.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or more advanced, research the platforms out there carefully before making a decision.

With the right AI voice changer, you can take your audio projects to the another level using the perfect voice.

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