Are you looking to take your video productions to the next level? Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Upscaling Video tools can give you that edge.

AI Upscaling is a process by which low-definition videos are enhanced into their higher-quality counterparts through machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks.

This is increasingly becoming a popular tool for those wanting to get exceptional results quickly and cost-effectively.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the best AI Upscale Video tools available today, so join us as we delve into all things AI upscaling.

What is AI Upscaling Video?

AI video upscaling is a relatively new technology that gives video producers the power to improve video quality and enhance video clips.

This technology uses an AI model—trained on thousands of video frames—to analyze low-resolution videos frame-by-frame and upscale them to higher resolutions.

It’s a powerful tool that allows video creators to effectively scale video footage easily and consistently, with the assurance that video quality won’t suffer during the process.

The result is video upscaled video clips that look pristine on any device.

1. Topaz Video Enhancer AI

Best Choice

Are you looking for high-quality, upscale videos without introducing any artifacts? Topaz Video Enhancer AI has the answer.

Unlike other video enhancement software, Topaz leverages AI technology to enhance your videos without introducing artifacts that can ruin their quality.

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  • Expensive

This makes it ideal for creating professional-looking videos with ease and confidence.

Topaz Video Enhancer AI improves colors and tones and sharpens edges to create stunning visuals. Working on desktop computing platforms requires a computer with enough memory and processing speed to function at its best.

Take advantage of the free trial period: you can try out this unique software that works wonders on all your video projects – producing the desired results in no time.

The trial version is watermarked, but you can enjoy the tool with its improved features and even greater detail upon purchase.

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2. DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

Best Value

Are you looking for a tool to help you get the highest quality video out of any project, no matter what type of file you’re working with?

Then check out DVDFab Video Enhancer AI — the revolutionary new way to upscale and enhance any video.


  • Quick and Easy Video Upscaling Process
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Robust AI tool
  • Can upscale videos in 4K Super Resolution


  • Compatible with only Windows

This excellent video enhancer uses artificial intelligence to identify and correct flaws in your video. It supports dozens of input and output formats, so you can use it with almost any type of project — plus, getting started is simple with its clean, user-friendly interface.

And the results? Think crystal clear resolution and color enhancement, even when working with low-quality videos. Plus, this powerful AI tool doesn’t break the bank; it’s surprisingly reasonably priced for all it does.

Try out DVDFab Video Enhancer AI and & experience stunningly high-quality videos every time. Enhance videos of any type and improve the visual quality of your video.

It uses AI models and a face enhancement tool to deliver high-resolution videos. The ai video upscaling software is one of the best, as it can work with any video file.

3. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Premium Option

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is the perfect choice for those looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to upscale the quality of their videos.

It uses advanced algorithms and AI technology to take your standard definition or HD videos and boost them up to 4K or 8K resolution without compromising on quality.

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  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Compressed Video can be downloaded in Various Formats
  • Different Paid Plans and a Lifetime Paid Plan
  • Can upscale video to 8K resolution


  • Only 3 Videos Under the Free trial
  • You Need a Powerful Computer to Use the Software
  • Product Con 3
  • Product Con 4
  • Product Con 5

The AI video upscaling software is available on Windows and Mac computers.

The user-friendly interface is friendly and easy to understand – you don’t need any special software knowledge. The program also offers various payment plans, with an excellent value lifetime plan allowing unlimited access.

The exported video format can be set as either AVI or MP4 (H.264) – perfect for viewing content across multiple platforms. It will deliver natural results; you can use it to upscale home videos.

If you have a low-resolution video, the AVCLabs video enhancer ai is the perfect place for upscaling videos with powerful algorithms.

4. Pixop

Runner Up

Pixop is the perfect video-enhancing tool for those looking to improve their presentations and webinars for social media.

With Pixop, you can remaster your HD, 4K, and 8K footage from the ‘90s onward that has been degraded due to storage on tapes, phones, or lower-quality cameras.


  • Allow 8K video upscaling
  • Improve Video Quality Immensely
  • Available for Mac & Windows


  • Expensive to Upscale Long Videos

Their deep restoration services include denoising, deblurring, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, and encoding.

It can improve multiple frames in any video, and you can even use it to improve the image quality of old movies.

The AI tool will create new pixels using traditional upscaling methods, improving images immensely. You are also guaranteed more natural results from using the AI video upscaling software.

Pixop also offers cloud-based editing with encrypted protection available on a pay-as-you-go basis – no subscription pricing or licensing fees are needed! Upgrade your video content with Pixop’s AI tools today.

5. Movavi

Hidden Gem
Product Title

Are you looking to take your videos to the next level? With Movavi, you can now upscale your video footage up to 8x the original resolution with revolutionary AI-based technology in just a few clicks.

This is perfect for turning low-quality footage into top-notch videos. Movavi also supports an incredible 180+ formats and 200+ devices, so you can make sure you can watch your video in any way you want – no matter what device it is on.


  • Excellent Video Upscaling Software
  • Quick and easy Upscale Videos
  • High-Resolution Video Output
  • Easy-to-use AI Video Editor


  • Large File Size Download

The app is also fully featured with batch processing, allowing you to process multiple files at once without waiting.

Apart from upscaling videos, this app has all the features necessary for video editing, like trimming, merging, rotating, cropping, and more, with filters and effects available for extra creativity.

You can also add captions or subtitles so everyone knows exactly what’s happening in your videos.

Not only does it let you edit videos, but this app also acts as an audio converter, image converter, and video-to-audio converter – giving you that much-needed versatility regarding how you want your media files.

You can upload your youtube or Facebook video to the ai video and make them more detailed before re-using them.

Movavi is designed with ease of use in mind – making it suitable for everyone regardless of skill level. It’s fast, too; now, there’s no need to spend hours trying to master complex tools when working on low-resolution videos.

You will get more natural results if you use the fantastic video enhancer.

Ready to do more with your footage? Look no further than Movavi; get it now on both Mac and PC platforms.

6. iSize

Hidden Gem

Using the iSize software, you can upscale videos with complete details and super-resolution.

With the AI video software, you can take any HD video and quickly enhance it to stunning 4K resolution. You’ll experience sharper, more vibrant details with every scene and get precise color correction capabilities so you can tailor the look of your footage accordingly.


  • It can be used for Upscale Images and Videos
  • Improves Video and Image Quality
  • Supports Batch Editing
  • Fast and Easy to Use


  • Still in its Early Stages

The app is feature-rich, and you get support for problems from their fantastic customer support.

You can use it to bring the original image color of all your old videos. Users don’t have to find it challenging to upscale videos anymore.

Plus, there’s no risk involved. If you don’t like the results of your upscaling job, undo it and start from scratch until you find what’s suitable for your project. All at a fraction of the cost of other video upscaling tools.

iSize is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade the quality of their videos without breaking the bank or sacrificing excellent results! Get started today and make those ancient videos shine brighter than ever before.

7. GDFLab

Hidden Gem

Are you looking for an intelligent AI tool to improve the quality of your video? Look no further than GDFLab.

This cutting-edge technology uses advanced algorithms to automatically upscale the quality of your video for a stunningly beautiful experience.

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  • Suitable for Professionals and Beginners
  • Available for Mac & Windows
  • Can upscale up to 4K in resolution


  • High Data Consumption

And with its user-friendly interface, anyone can easily use GDFLab in no time – so you can get started enhancing the quality of your video faster than ever before.

Plus, with GDFLab’s free trial, you can try out their service without any long-term commitment or financial pressure.

Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts, and don’t miss a beat when making sure your video looks its best.

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What is the best AI Video Upscaling Software?

It’s hard to say the best AI video upscaling software, as it will depend on the user’s needs and budget.

However, Movavi stands out for its ease of use and broad feature set, while GDFLab offers a free trial for those just starting out.

iSize is excellent for image conversion and color optimization and is also one of the more affordable options. Avclabs video enhancer ai and topaz video ai are also suitable for the job

Ultimately, each software has something unique to offer, so it’s essential to do research before investing in AI video upscaling software.

No matter your choice, you’re sure to get improved image quality and resolution when using any fantastic AI video upscaling.


AI video upscaling softwares is a great way to take the quality of your images to the next level.

The software featured in this article can help you quickly improve resolution, color depth, and more with minimal effort.

No matter which tool you choose, you’ll surely get excellent results if you use the software correctly.

So be sure to research and choose a video upscaling software that meets your needs, budget, and expectations. Then sit back and enjoy the improved quality of your images!

Good luck with improving your videos! 🙂

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