Are you looking to restore the quality of old, faded photos? If so, you’ll be glad to know that artificial intelligence (AI) advancements have made photo restoration much easier and more efficient.

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Luminar Neo

With Luminar Neo, you can easily restore old pictures, and unleash your creative potential with these Powerful AI Photo Restoration Tool.

AI technology enables us to quickly scan old photos and enhance their image quality – which used to take a lot of time and was tedious if done manually.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best AI Photo Restoration tools available in 2023 so that you can bring your old memories back into stunningly beautiful views. So let’s get started.

What is an AI Photo Restoration Tool?

AI Photo Restorers are a new application that uses artificial intelligence to restore old family photos that have been damaged over time.

Notable features include potent tools that can be used to repair various image damages, from faded color to torn edges and more.

With an AI Photo Restore tool, people can now revitalize the memories of their aging family photos and share them with a new generation.

It is an excellent way for people to honor their past and cherish the moments in their lives captured on camera.

The 7 Best AI Photo Restoration

1. Luminar Neo

Best choice

Are you looking for a reliable photo editing program that provides speedy results and easy importation of photos?

Look no further than Luminar 4 – with its one-time payment option; you can finally access an affordable and modern photo editor that’s perfect for restoring the quality of your old photos.


  • Onetime Payment
  • Fast & Easy to Use


  • Editing Options are Limited

This intuitive photo editor is engineered to be easy to use, so whether you’re a professional photographer or amateur hobbyist, Luminar 4 Photo has you covered.

Luminar 4 Photo prioritizes speed in its performance—you no longer need to spend hours editing your pictures! Its innovative interface allows smart and fast adjustment tools and instant AI-powered filters.

Whether it’s color control, paint enhancements, cloning/stamping, or other masking techniques—it takes only seconds to apply changes to multiple images that would otherwise take minutes using traditional editors.

Importing images has never been easier! With Luminar 4 Photo, there automatically shows up a dedicated folder from where you can access all of your material. Batch editing is taken care of, too—in just two clicks, you can select and apply an effect on multiple files simultaneously.

You can decide to edit one image or multiple images at the same time. It is one of the best tools for getting higher-resolution photos from old photos online.

If specific adjustments are often used but take longer manually, save these settings as ‘workspaces’ so they can be applied quickly and easily to future projects. Thanks to this simple yet powerful editing tool, anyone can now experience the world’s best photo restoration – all through one convenient platform.

2. VanceAI Photo Restorer

Vance AI

Introducing VanceAI Photo Restorer, the ultimate photo-enhancing tool! Get the most out of your old photos with this powerful deep-learning tool.

This program can restore and improve old pictures from generations ago using advanced algorithms and unique colorizing technology.


  • Batch Colorizing
  • Affordable
  • Free Version Available


  • It Doesn’t Always Get it Right
  • You have to Pay to Get the Best Out of the AI tool

It is one of the best ai tools to restore old photos and remove scratches.

For a quick fix, you can use their innovative colorizer to bring new life to faded images. Bring back vivid blues skies or subtly restore sun-bleached orange.

Utilizing batch colorization, you can also easily prepare multiple photos together with one click of a button.

The free version gives users access to VanceAI’s essential

features, while professional versions have additional functions like preventing watermarks on old photos.

No matter which version you get, you won’t be disappointed with this fantastic product’s quality and value for money.


Best Value

AKVIS Retoucher is the perfect software for anyone wanting to restore the quality of their old photos.

Whether you need to repair old, damaged photos caused by age and wear or reconstruct missing pieces of images, this outstanding tool has everything you need.


  • Free Trial Available with Complete Features
  • Additional Customizations


  • Not Easy to Use
  • Highly Demanding

With AKVIS’s fantastic technology, you can remove stains, tears, dust, scratches, date stamps, and other unwanted objects from your damaged old photos.

It can even reconstruct missing parts of the picture by analyzing its surroundings.

Plus, it is available for both Windows and Mac as a plugin or standalone application with a free 10-day trial. With AKVIS Retoucher at your disposal, bring old photos to life with just a few clicks.

The ai picture restorer will enhance the details of your old photo and make it look like a new photo. It isn’t easy to use, and old photo restoration has never been this available for everyone.

4. MyHeritage


Bringing old photos back to life! With MyHeritage, you can give new life to treasured old photos of your (great)-ancestors without spending hours furiously restoring and retouching them.

The ai photo restorer uses advanced technology to colorize black-and-white photographs, transforming them into beautiful images.


  • Unlimited Usage for Paid Users
  • Black and White Colorizer


  • It Doesn’t Always work accurately
  • Reduces Image Quality

You can enhance 10 free images using the free trial version, and you will get results instantly after using the old photo restoration tool.

Face enhancement is a bit of hit and miss as it is not always accurate.

So if you’re looking for ways to preserve your family’s personal history, MyHeritage is here with Incolor: a great way to revive your precious old photos.

5. Colourise

Hidden Gem

Introducing Colourise, the effective black-and-white colorizer that makes it easy to restore your old photos back to their original glory! Quickly turn your memories into vivid colors with our free, no-watermark colorizer.

Bringing your vintage photographs back to life has never been easier – upload any black and white photo you have, and watch as Colourise automatically colorizes them for you.


  • Free to Use
  • No Watermarks


  • Limited Customisation Features

You’ll be stunned at how quickly we can make your classic photo come alive with our easy-to-use software.

Whether old family photos or some other Auvintage images, now you can fully realize their beauty with vibrant colors applied by our dedicated algorithms.

With Colourise, you’re guaranteed complete accuracy in every photo, resulting in unparalleled realism.

The ai technology correctly adjusts lighting, contrast levels, and diverse hues so that each image looks almost like the day they were initially taken.

It also acts as a scratch removal tool to remove blemishes from old pictures. You can also add smaller images and fix them to max-size images.

6. HotPot AI Family Photos Restorer

Hidden Gem

Hotpot AI Picture Restorer is the ultimate tool for restoring and repairing your old photos with artificial intelligence.

This innovative product allows users to bring their beloved memories back to life in seconds.


  • Completely Free
  • Scratch Removal works well


Whether you have black and white or color photos that have lost their color over time, our AI Picture Restorer can restore and enhance every picture perfectly.

This powerful tool sharpens photos, brightens colors, removes scratches, and enhances faces automatically – all within seconds. Thanks to its API access feature, you can easily add this service to your website.

The ai photo restorer is perfect for removing scratches from old photos.

For those looking to preserve their old memories in the best possible quality, the Hotpot AI Picture Restorer is a perfect choice.

Now available in the Beta version and free (for now), this groundbreaking tool will make any digital restoration process more straightforward. Get started today and experience a new level of picture restoration with our unique AI technology.

7. NVIDIA – Image Inpainting

Hidden Gem
Nvidia – Image Inpainting

NVIDIA Image Inpainting is an incredible new technology from the NVIDIA AI Playground suite of deep learning software.

This intuitive and powerful tool can help you to reconstruct and restore your old photos in a natural, realistic way.

Product Pros

  • Fast And Easy to Use
  • High-Quality Image Available for Download
  • Free to Use

Product Cons

  • Slow Sometimes

Using a partial convolution algorithm, NVIDIA Image Inpainting can colorize images and remove unwanted elements, such as people or objects that could otherwise mar a precious memory.

With its help, you can restore a picture just like it used to be! The results are so realistic that you may not even realize where the changes were made.

Whether you have old pictures that have faded with time or contain other undesirable elements, mess up by yourself, or something else, don’t worry: NVIDIA Image Inpainting has got you covered.

Forget about image retouching hassle and let this AI-powered tool help you bring back the original beauty of your meaningful memories with fantastic accuracy.

Which AI Photo Restoration Tool is Best?

It depends on the specific needs and preferences of each user.

For example, Colourise is best for colourizing black and white photos, while Hotpot AI Family Photos Restorer is perfect for removing scratches from old images.

NVIDIA Image Inpainting offers a combination of both features plus more.

Consider your needs carefully and choose the AI photo restoration tool that will work best for you.


AI Photo Restoration tools can help you bring those old memories back to life with incredible accuracy.

Whether you need to colorize black and white photos or remove scratches from vintage images, there is a suitable tool for each task.

Colourise, Hotpot AI Family Photos Restorer, and NVIDIA Image Inpainting are all great options that offer different features and capabilities.

Whichever tool you choose, you can restore your old photos without much hassle. So don’t wait any longer and bring those precious memories back to life with AI photo restoration today.

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