Are you tired of editing tons of videos to get the perfect AI explainer video maker? If you’re looking for a tool to make your life easier when creating explainers, look no further than 7 Best AI Explainer Video Maker in 2023!

This all-inclusive video maker provides everything you need to create stunning and professional explainer videos and save service without any editing skills. It allows you to customize stories through accessible audio and video services plus avatars, all while being fun and easy at the same time.

Stop worrying about spending hours upon hours making it perfect. With the 7 Best AI Explainer Video Makers in 2023, you can enjoy creating amazing videos faster than ever—all with a few clicks and taps. So start saving time today on crafting that unique story by getting this powerful yet simple tool now!

Head over to our website and download the 7 Best AI Explainer Video Makers in 2023 for free or take advantage of its paid version with even more features today!

What is an Explainer Video Maker?

This computer program can quickly & easily create fantastic explainer videos within minutes. It makes the process of creating explainer videos simple and fun! With this tool, you can upload footage, use the required credit card, create explainer videos, make an explainer video, and add music and other creative elements – all without extensive editing skills or services.

These explainer videos are then easily shareable on social media platforms, allowing you to reach more people through speech. Such explainers made with explainer video templates can also be placed directly on your website or blog after you edit them and the voice, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience.

What Are the Best Explainer Video Makers?

If you’re looking for an explainer video maker to help make a fantastic explainer video, several options are available. For businesses seeking a look, consider explainer video companies that specialize in using artificial intelligence to generate personalized explainer videos tailored precisely to your business quickly.

These explainer video makers can lead you through the entire process from concept to final product and everything in between. In addition, many explainer video companies offer design support as well as audio and visual editing services.

These extra touches can take your explainer video to the next level without any extra effort. Whatever you choose, be sure it can create professional-looking videos and fantastic explainer videos that match your standards of quality and creativity.


Introducing — the revolutionary AI video creation platform that makes it easy to create impactful explainer videos in 120 languages with minimal effort and cost. By leveraging powerful AI technology, Synthesia allows you to create stunning videos quickly and easily.

With features like avatars to realistically depict your message, an extensive library of images and music for customization, and automated tools for marketing strategy, Synthesia can help you make an explainer video with a powerful statement without breaking the bank. It is the perfect AI avatar tool for companies looking to use the latest AI technologies to present incredible stories in 2023 and beyond.

Designed to be both intuitive and enjoyable, Synthesia gives you the unique power to elegantly express yourself through images, music, creation, avatars, and technology–saving precious time on production costs, one video at a time! Ensure your business stands out from all the rest by introducing high-end explainer videos crafted with Synthesia! Pros

  • High quality video
  • Numerous personification
  • Perfect for professional communication
  • Good for promo and teasers Cons

  • Personal plan limited

2. Wearnova

We are introducing Wearnova, the AI video maker changing the game in 2023! This powerful software will revolutionize how you create videos and make it easy to customize pre-designed templates to meet your specific needs. With Wearnova, you can easily create stunning explainer videos with voiceover support and much more.

From cutting and trimming clips to adding subtitles, translating, and more, this software covers all your video-making needs. Plus, there’s no need for installation, as Wearnova is entirely online.

Forget about waiting months to have a high-quality video made. With Wearnova, you can design professional videos in a fraction of the time! Take your videos to the next level with Wearnova’s wide range of features today!

Wearnova Pros

  • Generate substitle automatically
  • Smart utility video
  • Easy video editing tools
  • Easy to use

Wearnova Cons

  • Free version has 2GB upload limit


Welcome to – the ultimate AI explainer video tool! Now you can create cutting-edge explainer videos powered by artificial intelligence. With, you can make eye-catching videos in just minutes – all with the power of AI working for you! Build stunning visuals faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Our patented technology ensures that your custom explainer video will always look polished and professional! From sound effects to storyboard creation, makes it easy to turn complex topics into videos. It’s like having an experienced creative team on hand 24/7 – for free! Now you get the benefit of custom designs without any costs or learning curves associated with traditional video creation tools.

We know how precious time is when you’re creating visual content. At, we take the guesswork out of the equation, so anyone can make fantastic explainer videos from the text in no time! If you’re looking for a way to quickly create high-quality explainer videos for your projects in 2023, then look no further than – it’s truly a game changer! Pros

  • Easily make cartoons
  • Can make YouTube explainer video
  • Multiple templates available
  • Available at $180/annum Cons

  • Only 720p resolution for free version

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is the ultimate all-in-one video solution for businesses in 2023. We make things more accessible than ever by providing explainer videos, practical templates, and a video script so customers can easily create engaging videos. Our platform enables you to quickly create quality videos tailored to meet the needs of your target audience.

With Vimeo, you can manage, edit and share videos from one location without the hassle or the extra costs associated with other solutions. Furthermore, our virtual events feature allows you to create an engaging experience for your viewers and customers. Get started today and join thousands of other professionals using Vimeo to create sources of great content for their businesses!

Vimeo Pros

  • Easy video transfer
  • Live streaming available
  • Lead capture tools available
  • Audience capture tools available

Vimeo Cons

  • No free version

5. Simpleshow ai

We are introducing Simpleshow AI: the intelligent AI-powered creation platform of the future. Our explainer video templates use breakthrough technology to make customized animated explainer videos faster and easier than ever. With an extensive library of templates and in-depth customization options, you can easily create engaging and entertaining videos for any audience.

Simpleshow ai helps you get the job done quickly with advanced machine learning capabilities that makes creation flawless, fast, and effortless. You don’t have to be an expert videographer to create a video with stunning animated explainer videos. Our features are designed to maximize efficiency on our own videos and customize audience and time spent editing videos, so you can focus on connecting with your viewers effectively.

If you’re looking for an AI video maker, look no further than Simpleshow ai. The future is here! And, with all its advanced tools and options, it’s always been challenging to produce high-quality content in 2023. Start creating today – try Simpleshow ai!

Simpleshow Pros

  • No free trial
  • Free after premium pay
  • No set up fee
  • Easy to use

Simpleshow Cons

  • Only good for professionals

6. is the ultimate video maker for businesses looking to unleash the power of AI and storytelling to create powerful videos in 2023. With, you can quickly turn your ideas into compelling visuals and captivating animations that are always on-brand and optimized for success.

Our platform gives you total control over each video’s look, feel, and message with cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface that keeps your creative aspirations top of mind. Upload images, choose background music, add voiceovers—whatever fits your vision best! Plus, take advantage of our trusted animation library full of motion graphics professionally crafted by our animators.

It’s also simple to integrate into your existing systems—all it takes is a credit card, and you’re ready to go global! Your explainer videos will showcase the true potential of AI on behalf of your brand no matter where in the world they get shared or viewed.

This is your chance to get ahead in 2023 with, the go-to solution for making beautiful explainer videos for businesses worldwide. Join us today and see what amazing stories you can tell with AI! Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • Can create short videos
  • Dynamic videos at scale
  • Allow instagram feed embeding Cons

  • Customer service not too good

7. Animoto

Are you ready to make the best explainer videos in 2023? Animoto is here to help! With our AI-powered video maker, you can create engaging videos and share them with your audience.

Our easy drag-and-drop interface offers plenty of options and customization tools in just a few clicks. Plus, you can get inspired by thousands of music tracks, animations, and templates from our library.

Our scriptwriting tool makes it easy to upload your content or start from scratch. Your story should begin as accurately as possible–and no detail is too small for us! That’s why we let you control those critical first few seconds.

When you’re done crafting the perfect video, we give you the option to download it in stunning HD quality – so that everyone can appreciate the work that went into making it! Get started with Animoto today and see what amazing videos you can make!

Animoto Pros

  • Starts at 0$
  • Can boost marketing
  • No set up fee
  • Good for client service communication

Animoto Cons

  • No integration services

How to Create Explainer Videos?

Creating explainer videos can be a great way to explain a concept or product to viewers uniquely and engagingly. When creating explainer videos, high-quality animation will be vital for grabbing and maintaining viewers’ attention. A well-written script is also essential to ensure viewers understand what you are trying to explain.

To begin making your explainer video, decide on the tool you want to use, such as Adobe After Effects or Powtoon. Once this has been established, start crafting a script with key points and messages you want viewers to take away from the video.

Last, think about the style of animation that fits your video best based on its content and desired message. All these elements should come together to create an explainer video that successfully conveys any messages while keeping viewers engaged!


In conclusion, creating a video can be daunting without the right tools. But with the help of AI-powered explai\iner video makers, you can effortlessly create an engaging and visually stunning video that appeals to your target audience.

These 7 Best AI Explainer Video Maker in 2023 (Free & Paid) will provide you with an extensive range of features and tools so you can quickly create the perfect video or explainer video template that captivates your viewers, even the creation process. So what are you waiting for? Get started today, save time, start crafting unique and eye-catching explainer videos, and directly share them!

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