Are you looking for a way to create stunning, AI-generated art Paintings? Look no further! Here we have compiled a list of the 7 best AI art galleries available, helping you find an outlet to express your creativity.

From gorgeous landscapes and intricate patterns to abstract shapes and vibrant colors- these AI-powered galleries will transform your artistic ideas into mesmerizing visuals.

With each gallery offering something unique regarding features and tools, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your artistic needs – no matter what they are.

What is an AI Art Gallery?

An AI Art Gallery is a virtual space dedicated to ai paintings and visual art created by modern, cutting-edge technology.

Visiting ai art galleries allows us to explore a world of endless possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind art piece.

From various styles and reactions to the human imagination, ai art galleries offer a new way to create exciting paintings that bring a unique perspective and expression.

Viewers can feel the emotion in ai creations while also taking away an appreciation of what innovation can achieve in the field of painting.

1. HotPot.AI

Best Choice

Looking for an AI Art Gallery to come up with unique images? Look no further than HotPot.AI! With HotPot.AI, you can easily create realistic results with multiple prompt options.


  • Easy to Use
  • Can be Shared on Social Media
  • Multiple Prompts Available


  • Images are not Always Realistic

The platform uses Artificial intelligence to bring your story to life with Unique sculpture images. You only need good prompts to come up with great-looking pictures.

Images generated from the AI tool can even be displayed at an exhibition. It is easy to use, and it is one of the best ai art galleries available right now

Plus, sharing your creations on social media is a breeze. So why wait? Get started today with HotPot.AI.

2. Art AI

Best Value
Art AI

Introducing Art AI – the revolutionary new way to experience art like never before. Their state-of-the-art AI has been designed to learn and differentiate between artistic elements of art pieces that evoke human emotions, all while obtaining inspiration from millions of art samples produced over the last 1500 years.


  • Beautiful AI Art available in Different Categories
  • Unique 1 of 1 Generated Pictures
  • Clean and Intuitive Interface


  • AI Artworks are Very Expensive
  • You can only buy but can’t Generate new Artwork

This provides a 1-of-1 unique result for each piece of artwork, creating a standing impression within any space.

Art AI strives to provide individuals with unprecedented insight into digital art.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just getting into the new digital renaissance – anyone can appreciate the powerful beauty and emotion crafted by our Artificial Intelligence system.

Not only will you have access to one-of-a-kind pieces, but all works are only sold once – ensuring complete exclusivity, which is impossible to find anywhere else.

3. Al Art Shop

Premium Option
AI Art Shop

Al Art Shop is the ultimate destination for art lovers seeking unique AI-generated art pieces. With a wide variety of art available, they offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for paintings, drawings, prints, or sculptures, Alartshop can help take your creative vision to the next level.


  • Robust Collection of Arts & NFTs
  • Can be Delivered to Your Doorstep
  • Art Can be Customised After they are Bought


  • Expensive
  • New Art Cant be generated from Scratch

Al Art Shop allows users to buy their own customizable artwork with just a few clicks. Use one of our templates or tweak each image until you get exactly what you’re looking for.

The ai art gallery has a collection of artworks in various categories, including landscape, Ikigai, African Art Collection, and NFTs. It is your one-stop shop for all kinds of art galleries.

4. OpenArt

Runner Up

Open Art is the perfect place for those looking to come up with unique and imaginative Pictures quickly.

Their State-of-the-art AI image generators offer 30+ options – from photorealistic visuals to anime – all of which are fine-tuned and can bring your idea to life in seconds.


  • Works with Stable Diffusion & Dall-E
  • Can be Trained on How you Want your Pics to look
  • It has Built-in Templates and Photo Editors


  • Must Sign in to use the Free Trial

Make your ideal image with just a few clicks through our inpainting, outpainting, and other features.

Beyond that, you can train the AI image generator on your own images! Simply provide 10-20 photos of a style or character you’d like to see re-created and let Open Art’s AI take care of the rest.

Once you’ve found an image or two you love, you can further edit them by typing prompts or applying one of our preset outputs to explore even more possibilities.

It is one of the best AI art galleries for creating excellent portrait pictures.

5. Artsi

Hidden Gem

Welcome to Artsi Gallery – your home for incredible AI art pieces. Their collections feature a selection of genuinely one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by some of the best artists and creators in the industry.


  • Good Platform for Creators and Users
  • Extensive Collection of AI Visual Arts
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Sculptures-Based Paintings Available


  • Picture in Display is Expensive
  • Can’t Come up with Fresh Images

These pieces are not just visually stunning; they will also add a unique touch to any room décor or collection. Not only that, but their prices are highly affordable, making it easy for everyone to showcase their individual style without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a collector searching for the perfect art piece or a creator looking to share your work, they have something just right for you.

The pieces on Artsi range from abstract images to landscapes, giving you endless options for adding a personal flair to your space.

They have quality ai paintings on the platform, and you buy any with just a few clicks.

6. Dall-E 2

Hidden Gem
Dall-E 2

Introducing Dall-E 2, the perfect AI Art Gallery companion for those looking to create unique images. This affordable and easy-to-use text-to-image generator is perfect for anyone looking to spice up their art gallery.


  • Text to Image-Based AI art Gallery Generator
  • Easy and Fast to Use
  • Pictures can be Downloaded


  • It would help if you had Good Prompts to come up with a Unique Creation

With Dall-E 2, you can quickly and easily produce stunningly high-quality images with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Whether you’re a professional artist or an amateur hobbyist looking for new and creative ways to come up with outstanding visuals, Dall-E 2 is here to help.

Dall-E 2 is built on advanced technology that combines natural language understanding and generative imagery. With this technology, you can quickly generate high-definition pics from whatever you type in – making it perfect for all sorts of projects such as scientific exploration, artistic illustration, marketing visuals, and more.

Plus, it’s completely free – no registration or subscription needed! Its easy-to-use interface makes it fast and simple for anyone to get started.

Type in what you have in mind, select the desired resolution of your project (4k / HD / fullscreen), and you can download your finished product within seconds – it really couldn’t be easier.

7. Lexica

Hidden Gem

Lexica is a revolutionary way of creating beautiful images with Artificial Intelligence. With Lexica, you can be confident that your art piece will be stunning and unique while allowing you to make modifications as needed.


  • It Can be used to build New AI arts
  • Pictures can be Downloaded or Uploaded from a Computer
  • Your Artificial Imagination can Come to life with Text Prompts


  • Basic User Interface
  • Limited to Stable Difusion Users

The robust pictures-favoriting algorithm makes choosing the best art piece more accessible than ever. By referencing your choice and creating a grayscale editable guidance scale,

Lexica helps users find their perfect art piece quickly. Plus, the ability to import any pic into the software ensures all users create high-quality work without having to search for hours for source material.

For those looking for an AI Art Gallery that offers dynamic options and flexibility, Lexica is the perfect tool. Enabling users to polish or refine their art quickly and easily, Lexica ensures each project looks exceptionally polished and complete.

How Expensive are AI Paintings?

The cost of AI paintings can vary greatly depending on the artist, the quality and size of the piece, and many other factors.

Generally speaking, AI paintings are cheaper than traditional artwork due to the less work in creating each piece.

However, many online platforms, such as Artsi, specialize in offering affordable options and often feature exclusive deals on paintings.

In addition, many art galleries specializing in AI art offer discounts for bulk purchases or subscription-based services, allowing customers to access a greater variety of art at discounted prices.

Ultimately, AI art is much more affordable than traditional art paintings, offering stunning visuals.

FYI: AI manga generator is an AI tool that generates very good art.


AI art is perfect for anyone interested in creating unique visuals. With Dall-E 2 and Lexica, users can quickly come up with pictures at an affordable price.

Plus, there are various discounts and subscription options available that make these services even more accessible.

For those looking to create stunning AI art without spending a fortune – Dall-E 2 and Lexica are the perfect solutions.

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