7 Features of the Best Gaming Chair in 2022

The best gaming chair usually goes way beyond its physical attractiveness. When planning to invest in one, you must always consider the fact that it has to fit perfectly and feel comfortable especially for gamers who spend long periods at their gaming stations.

comfy gaming chair that supports you ergonomically is vital.

You may ask, “Why can’t I just get a nice comfy office chair for my station?” Actually, all the ergonomics and features of the best gaming chairs are designed to not only ensure comfort but also proper posture and a healthier you.

So let’s get started with these seven features that an ideal gaming chair should possess.

Best Gaming Chairs

7 Features of the Best Gaming Chair

You are not just buying another gaming chair, you are buying the best gaming chair which is a big deal because it symbolizes how serious of a gamer you are.

The gaming chair you are about to buy should have these 7 features which make it the best gaming chair for you.

1. Comfort and Support Features

Comfort is usually the first thing anyone thinks of when investing in a gaming chair. As much as gaming is fun when you are sitting on any surface, it isn’t as comfy when you are sitting on a plastic chair or your regular living room couch.

Comfort and support should always be a matter of great importance when choosing the perfect gaming seat. Not only does this allow you to spend many hours behind your monitor or TV without developing a backache, but it also gives you the proper posture that will keep your neck, eyes, chest, head, back and the body as a whole at their healthiest state.

A good gaming chair should have high-quality padding, preferably cold foam padding that retains its shape and sturdiness for a longer time, thus providing reliable cushioning. It should also have ergonomically designed backrests and armrests for maximum support during gaming.

2. Adjustable Settings

Every gamer has different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing the best gaming chair. Similarly, every gamer’s needs usually change from time to time, thus the need for ease of adjustability in terms of their gaming environment.

A gaming chair is actually one of the items that will need to be easily adjustable for the comfort of the gamer. Having a chair with an adjustable angle of recline gives you all the power to decide whether you need the chair too low for less demanding games or straight up for more demanding, speedier or competitive gaming.

If you have a rocker gaming chair, then find one that can be locked into place whenever you don’t need it to swing. This also applies to swivel chairs and those with rotating bases. The armrests can also be adjustable in terms of height or they can even be removable to accommodate the different needs of a gamer.

No matter how sophisticated a gaming chair is, without adjustable settings, it will always be uncomfortable at one point or the other, so it is important to ensure that the settings can be changed to your preferences at any time.

3. Durable Materials

Who wants to replace their seats every two months? Absolutely no gamer wants such an experience. Apart from the comfort offered by a gaming chair, its durability is a matter of utter importance.

The best gaming seats are made of the strongest long-lasting materials in the world. The frame should be sturdy enough to support users of higher body weight. The most common material used to make the strongest frames is Steel, which is not only resistant to breakage but also resistant to rust and corrosion.

The padding used on the backrest, armrests and the rest of the seat’s body should be able to retain its shape for longer, with cold foam being the best in the market currently. Finally, the upholstery should be durable, yet retain its plushness.

In this case, genuine leather tops the list. You just have to be sure that it is not faux leather as this is less durable.

4. Multiple Device Compatibility

The most adored gaming chairs in the market often allow connectivity to multiple gaming gadgets for more interactive gaming. Finding out that it cannot work with your console or your monitor is definitely the most frustrating thing any gamer could encounter.

Given the fact that gaming seats with such features are quite expensive, it is very important that multi-device compatibility is warranted. This actually makes it possible to use your gaming seat with different brands and models of gaming gadgets and achieve optimal interactivity and responsiveness.

In this case, if you ever decide to upgrade your gaming sets, then you won’t have to find a new gaming chair.

5. Higher User Weight/Size Limit

It also helps if different users regardless of their body size can use your gaming chair. Unless you plan to have a big gaming station for everyone that wants to play, you must always consider versatility in terms of body size and weight. Even then, you will need seats that can accommodate most of the gamers.

For instance, it would be such a disappointment to buy a gaming seat meant for a child, which is too small or too weak for you. The rule of thumb dictates that the best gaming seat should have a higher user weight and size limit to be able to cater to a wider range of gamers.

This, complemented by adjustable settings makes that gaming chair the ultimate choice for any gaming enthusiast.

6. Built-In Technologies

Every gamer covets a fully-fledged gaming chair; one that allows them to listen to music, enjoy some vibrating action and even allows them to control their games from it. All this is made possible by having a gaming seat with a couple of built-in technologies.

As much as a gaming seat with built-in technologies may be more expensive as compared to the basic ones, with speakers, AFM technology, vibration motors, and steering controls, any gaming chair will definitely translate to a more interactive, responsive and completely fun gaming experience.

7. Wireless Connectivity

The future of any technological gadgets is wireless connectivity, and gaming chairs are no exception. Whether it is through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, a gaming seat that can wirelessly connect to the gaming console or any other gadget within the gaming station is the grail of the gaming industry.

In addition to promoting interactive and responsive gaming, it helps avoid the messes caused by countless cords lying cumbersomely on the floor, which could result in frequent disconnections thus interruptions during gaming.


A gaming chair has the power to transform your gaming experience by a long shot. While a low-quality gaming chair will give you a sore back every time you sit on it, a great gaming chair will let you enjoy all the comfort there is.

You won’t be prompted to stand up every few minutes because of discomfort, rather, your gaming will be smooth, seamless and uninterrupted for as long as you wish.

If you ever want to enjoy this kind of gaming, then any gaming chair you bring into your gaming station should possess the seven features that have been highlighted here.