5 Best Web Hosting for WooCommerce in 2022

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Using the best web hosting for WooCommerce is precisely what your online business needs because everything your store needs to succeed on the backend is already provided for – security, speed, bandwidth, uptime, backup, support, and so much more.

In the past few years, we have seen much growth in WooCommerce stores. With the increase in the WooCommerce stores, many web hostings are releasing dedicated plans for the WooCommerce web hostings, but all of them are not worth using.

5 Best Web Hosting for WooCommerce

So in this article, I’m going to guide you about five Best web hosting for WooCommerce everything your successful online business needs.

1. Bluehost – Superior Web Hosting for WooCommerce

bluehost best web hosting for woocommerce

Bluehost is the first hosting provider that I will suggest you try if you want to create a WooCommerce site. It comes with a dedicated WooCommerce plan that contributes many beneficial functionalities. 

Bluehost Pricing

While choosing WooCommerce hosting on Bluehost, you may encounter three different plans, such as starter, plus, and pro. The cost of starter, plus and pro plan is $6.95, $8.95 and $12.95 respectively. All these pricing is every month. 

Bluehost Security

Thanks to the SSL certificate present on the Bluehost WooCommerce hosting that encrypts all of your WooCommerce store data so that no one can view it. Not only SSL, but you may also enjoy full-proof security that will keep your website protected.

Is Bluehost support any good?

The Bluehost support team is another reason that you should invest your money on the Bluehost WooCommerce hosting; they provide 24/7 support for its users so that you can get any solution to your problem. Bluehost has a live chat and ticket support via which you can reach their support team. 

How’s Bluehost uptime?

Bluehost has an excellent track record in terms of Uptime. They deliver a 99% uptime, so you don’t need to bother about the security. You only require to focus on growing your WooCommerce store.



  • Limited features for Starter plan
  • Renew price is higher

2. WP Engine – Best Web Hosting for WooCommerce Beginners

wpengine best web hosting for woocommerce

If you have got a high budget, then you can also try WP Engine because it has numerous features that can support your WooCommerce. WP Engine has dedicated plans for WooCommerce users making it a strong option as one of the best web hosting for WooCommerce.

WP Engine Pricing

Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom are four packages that you can try out for your WooCommerce store. For the Startup plan, you need to pay $35 for a single month while the cost of the Growth package is $115/monthly.

Other than this, you should have a budget of $290/month. You can also create a Custom plan by contacting the WP Engine Team. 

WP Engine Security

WP Engine has a Global Edge Security, which keeps your WooCommerce store secure. While hosting your eCommerce store on WP Engine, you don’t need to bother much about the protection of your store. 

Is WP Engine support any good?

WP Engine authorizes a 24/7/365 Support to help their customers with any issue they encounter. They have an award-winning support team that has a solution to every user’s problem related to their service. 

How’s WP Engine uptime?

For a WooCommerce store, stay online is quite essential, and WP Engine understands this very well due to which they offer a 99.95% Uptime. 


  • 99.95% uptime
  • 36 StudioPress themes
  • An available support team 24/7/365


  • Limited Storage
  • Less Bandwidth

3. Siteground – Best Uptime Hosting for WooCommerce

Siteground web hosting woocommerce

In case you don’t want to spend much cash on eCommerce hosting, then you can go with the Siteground hosting service as one of the best web hosting for WooCommerce.

Siteground delivers many features, including Shopping Carts, eShop Transfer, CDN service, and many more. The main goal of the Siteground is to support its customers in the WooCommerce industry.

Siteground Pricing

Startup, GrownBig, and GoGeek are three several packages that you can try out on Siteground. The cost of Startup, GrownBig, and GoGeek is $3.95. $5.95, $11.95, respectively. All the price packages are for a single month.

Siteground Security

If you want to encrypt all your WooCommerce store data encrypted, then go with the Siteground hosting because it provides a free SSL certificate to keep your website encrypted. Other than SSL, they also have a dedicated team for the protection of your WooCommerce store.

Is Siteground support any good?

If you are facing any issue while using the Siteground hosting, then don’t worry, because Siteground has a group of highly trained people that are always ready to support you. You can reach the team out via live chat, phone call, or using the ticket support.

How’s Siteground Uptime?

Before putting your cash on a hosting service, ensure that they have got the best Uptime. Uptime, in the case of Siteground, is exceptional. Siteground grant a 99% of Uptime.


  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • PHP 7 & Opcache
  • Free pre-installed SSL


4. Cloudway – Hosting with diverse packages

cloudways web hosting woocommerce

Cloudway WooCommerce hostings help you to scale up your Business. It includes numerous functionalities that can boost the WooCommerce store sales.

Cloudway grant dedicated resources that deliver full control to the user so that you can customize your store according to your will. 

Cloudway Pricing

There is a total of 11 packages on the Cloudway for the WooCommerce hosting. This range of plans makes this hosting a perfect choice for beginners as well as professional users. The price of DO1GB, DO2GB, DO3GB and DO4GB is $10, $22, $42 and $80 respectively. 

Cloudway Security

Cloudway features a Two-Factor Authentication, Automated Backups, Auto-Healing Servers, 1-Click SSL Installation, and dedicated Firewalls that contributes tight security. The Cloudway takes full control of your WooCommerce defense. 

Is Cloudway support any good?

Like many other WooCommerce services, Cloudway has a 24/7 expert team that is always there in a difficult time. Cloudway team thoroughly guide their customers in every single matter, which makes thing a lot easier for the customer.

How’s Cloudway uptime?

Use the Cloudway hosting service and forget about the downtime. Cloudway delivers a quality uptime so that you can entirely focus on your WooCommerce store. Cloudway gives assurance to provide 99% of Uptime, and they offer the same thing.



  • Starting packages has less Storage
  • Some plans are quite pricey

5. Kinsta – Premium hosting with free CDN and SSL certificate

kinsta web hosting woocommerce

The last web hosting that we will suggest to you is Kinsta as the best web hosting for WooCommerce. Kinsta is not less than any other well-known hosting service. It proposes the same high quality so that you can get the best result. 

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta has many different plans for WooCommerce users. The starter, Pro, and Business are some of the most used packages on Kinsta.

Each of the packs has different pricing. The cost you need to pay for Starter, Pro and Business plan is $30, $60 and $100 respectively for a single month. 

Kinsta Security

Although Kinsta delivers reliable protection for your WooCommerce store, still you need to take extra care of your website.

I will advise you not to install any nulled theme or plugins, which usually contain harmful bugs that can harm your site safety.  

Is Kinsta support any good?

Yes, Kinsta’s support is one of the best I’ve used with an average of 1-minute response time, your queries are answered and solved.

Kinsta has a team of professional people that manage the support section to guide their clients with their services. There are different support options that you can choose to reach out to the support team of Kinsta. 

How’s Kinsta uptime?

Kinsta’s primary goal is to achieve 99% of Uptime, and they are quite successful in achieving their aim due to which many people are using their services. 


  • Extra backups
  • Free CDN
  • PHP 7.3 support and Multi-user environment


  • Expensive

Why do you need the Best web hosting for WooCommerce?

The prior described WooCommerce hostings are for those people who are planning to create a WooCommerce store. Each of the hostings contains features that are going to contributes to making a WooCommerce business successful.

Who needs the Best web hosting for WooCommerce?

If you are searching for web hosting that is specially made for the WooCommerce industry, then the above given best web hostings are something that you must test.

Who doesn’t need the Best web hosting for WooCommerce?

The Best web hosting for WooCommerce is only for WooCommerce users. In case you are not going to create a WooCommerce store, then you can try out some other hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beneath are some of the commonly asked questions associated with the best web hosting for WooCommerce.

What is the best web hosting for WooCommerce?

Bluehost, WP Engine, Siteground, Cloudway, and Kinsta are some of the best web hosting for WooCommerce. 

How much do I need to buy the best web hosting for WooCommerce?

You can get suitable web hosting for WooCommerce in between $5 to $100 depending on the features.

What is the cheapest best web hosting for WooCommerce?

Bluehost and Siteground are some of the cheapest best web hosting for WooCommerce.


All the earlier explained hostings are perfect for those users who are going to start a WooCommerce store. However, all the given hostings have different features. You can read the article and check out which hosting has the best functionalities that suit your requirements.

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