Get 40GB+Free Unlimited Night Download on Spectranet Nigeria 4G

Spectranet Nigeria are offering 100% Data Bonus to all their customers both old and new it doesn’t matter if you are an active subscriber or once in a while(promo subscriber). We all can enjoy this amazing offer.

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Spectranet Nigeria Amazing 100% Offer

100% DATA BONUS OFFER is back!!  Get 100% Data Bonus PLUS Rollover Benefits PLUS Unlimited Data between 1AM – 7AM

Earn 100% data bonus on every renewal in July, 2016. Renew now and enjoy this bumper offer to
stream video, download movies & reach out to loved ones for longer.
The good news is that data rollover & free night browsing  still apply.
Thank you for choosing Spectranet as your preferred Internet service provider.

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Spectranet Nigeria Unified Value Data Plan

This is currently the best data plan on Spectranet 4G LTE Network because it is affordable, it runs 24/7 and it’s 40GB + Free Unlimited Browsing & Downloading from 1AM – 7AM which is the best part of this plan. So, you get to use 40GB 24/7 and from 1AM every day you can download as much as you want. Offer features of the Unified Value Data Plan include;

  1. UNLIMITED Free Night browsing
  2. UNLIMITED Burstable data speeds
  3. Rollover data balance to next month
  4. Rollover data balance from old plans
  5. Use device at Lagos, Abuja, PHC & Ibadan

Let’s do a quick calculation: For a month (30 days)

  • 40GB 24/7
  • 5GB every night x 30 days = 150GB
  • 40GB + 150GB = 190GB
  • You can use 190GB per month!

Visit Spectranet – Spectranet remains the fastest 4G network with this unlimited plan really makes one of the best 4G networks in Nigeria.

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