10 Reasons You Should Start Your Successful Blog in 2021

Welcome to another successful blogging lesson where I show you how to start a successful blog and we are starting off with the top 10 reasons you should start your very own successful blog this week.

Guys, I started out no differently than many of you.

As I said yesterday, I was Senior Digital Marketing Executive that does 5 jobs in one and easily works for 60-70 hours every week without overtime pay or benefits.I lost my hair, had no social life, I felt stuck.

I think the most important takeaway from my story is that there is nothing special about me or my background.

I didn’t just ‘get lucky’ or have a special knack for blogging. I had NO idea what I was doing until after my 3rd year of blogging. I had blogged for years without making any real money.

The truth is — Anyone can make a blog successful if they put their mind to it!

But some of you are still probably asking the question of… WHY!?

“The money sounds nice, but why exactly should I start a blog?”

You need to set goals for why you are going into blogging in the first place.

My goals were to grow my hair back, get more time and freedom to do the things I want to do, and financial freedom — the ability to live my life on my own term, never working for ungrateful employers that just want to use you until you break.

Your reason may be entirely different from mine. It could be to travel more, spend more time with your kids, retire early, etc. But you need to find out YOUR why and use that as the fire to fuel your success!

1. Successful Blogging is a challenge, and challenges are GOOD.

Looking back on my time so far blogging, there were good times and bad times.

I spent more than 2 years blogging the wrong way but when I discovered successful blogging, the way I blogged changed and so do my life.

However, it was an incredibly fun time where I challenged myself and learned a lot along the way.

It takes a lot, including getting over fears of what people think of you, and it will challenge you to help more people.

The thrill is in the challenge of making all of the pieces work together, and it is actually quite the rush when it does.

2. You can make GOOD money passively.

I make a good amount of passive income from my blog without lifting a finger every month. Below is a screenshot of Google Adsense earnings where I made over $700 in a single month!

No, it’s not “quit your job and buy a Ferrari” money, but it’s more than enough and life-changing for most people.

The $700.99 I earned that month passively I used to.

Just think about having passive income that can take care of all your bills every month!!

3. You can make GREAT money actively.

Many of you know that I make over $1,000 per month actively. This is mainly through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

You can read more about how I earn this income as well as a summary of the last 1+ years in my latest income report.

The best part is that the income is pretty passive. All we have to do is write some new articles, send a few emails, and do some client service support to maintain most of the income from Sponsored Posts.

If you really hustle your butt off, the sky is the limit as far as income is concerned.

Blogging is actually a fun hobby/online business because you’re constantly learning, making new friends and meeting new people around the world

4. Blogging about your passion is FUN.

Blogging will help further develop your passions and expertise in the topic you choose.

I was passionate about technology, computers and the internet so I found a way to express all that through Nairatips and now it’s more fun than work for me.

You’ll make money that your full time job can never give you, make friends, and learn all sorts of cool things you never even thought about in your industry.

5. You Will Be Your Own Boss

One of my biggest complaints was doing work I knew had nothing to do with me or doing work that I wasn’t passionate about.

But I had to do those jobs because I had a boss that told me what to do even when I didn’t like what I was doing.

I became bored, stressed and tired of the monotonous useless work that did not improve my skills in any way and just kept me stuck on one chair for 60-70 hours every week with no social life whatsoever.

But now, years later. I am my own boss. I only do the things I love doing and even if I don’t like it, I do it because I know it’s all my benefit in the long run.

6. You’ll become a better thinker and writer.

Condensing thoughts and ideas down into actionable information others can use will sharpen your mind.

I noticed an improvement in the clarity of thoughts and conversations from blogging.

If that wasn’t enough, writing is a great way to clear your head. When feeling stressed, it allows for a mental release from other activities. 

7. It will give you confidence.

Publishing your thoughts and feelings about something to the world is a little scary the first time you do it.

Because you just sent out a blog post in the midst of millions of posts.

One of the cool “bonus benefits” of blogging that I noticed was a major increase is self-confidence over time.

I became more confident in myself and skills. It really helped my branding and how I interact with clients.

This will have a positive impact on how you write but also in your day to day life as well!

8. You can use it to promote other things.

One of the cool things about Nairatips’s growth and readership has been our ability to cross-promote other projects.

We were also able to launch a successful YouTube channel, The Nigerian GamerBy embedding the videos into our articles, we have often used Nairatips to drive subscribers and new viewers to this YouTube Channel.

Having a successful blog allows you to cross-promote other projects or hobbies you’re interested in. It can open up other niches and opportunities you never dreamed of.

9. You’ll make a difference in the lives of others.

Starting from home, you will start making a difference right from where you live.

If you stay with family and you are making good money, you can help them out and make their lives better.

So not only can you make money, but you can help change the lives of other people. And you can reach a LOT more people through the Internet.

Don’t be intimidated by this: When I started, I had no idea what Nairatips would become and did not think it would have such an impact, but it has.

You can also have that kind of impact one day if you work hard enough at it and always keep your customers in mind first. Remember give them VALUE first.

10. It’s relatively Cheap to Start a Successful Blog.

Normally, it costs about $10-$12 a month to run a blog if you pay for it on a monthly basis, but because you’re starting with us, we have a special deal on hosting just for our subscribers.

It only costs $3.95 per month with our Bluehost subscriber discount and we have step-by-step, so easy your grandma could do it, walkthrough on my blog.

The only catch is that you have to pay at least a year’s worth up front, but it also comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

We personally think paying for a year up front is the best way to do it anyway because it ensures that you make a real commitment to your blog and yourself!

This, a quality theme, and a few simple plugins are really all you need to get started!