Custom ROM are customized Android OS created by very smart and intelligent people usually a team and Custom ROMs are seen as an improvement on the base Stock ROM. Custom ROM

This is the other type of Android ROM we have. If you missed the earlier post, Read More about Stock ROMs: What is a Stock ROM?

Custom ROM

What is a Custom ROM?

As i said earlier, a Stock ROM is the original ROM installed by your phone manufacturer, a Custom ROM is totally different from a Stock ROM.

A Custom ROM unlike a Stock ROM doesn’t come installed with the phone. Custom ROMs are created by a Third Party, usually a dev. team or just an individual.  Custom ROMs are usually based on a released Stock ROM and sometimes seen as an improvement, depending on your personal taste and design.

Custom ROMs are pretty sweet, because they come with unlimited possibilities, it’s just like you bought a new phone with a whole lot of new features, new possibilities which didn’t come originally with your phone’s Stock ROM. Presently i’m using a rooted detoxified CustomROM for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and all i can say is that it has been awesome so far. There a lot of CustomROM out there for your specific devices, that’s right! Each and every android device has a CustomROM, so search, you just might find yours.



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