Smile 4G is an internet service provider, and the network provides internet on 4G and  guarantees a browsing speed of 6mbps – 21mbps, which is the fastest available in Nigeria.

Smile actively exists in 4 African countries, including Nigeria; Smile has presences in 8 Nigeria cities – the cities include Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, Onitsha, Benin, Kaduna and Asaba.

Smile guarantees that wherever they have presence they provide world-class internet service and that’s why smile does not do blanket coverage but rather they ensure that their customers have little or nothing to complain about.

Smile’s primary product is Internet service but the organization also sells devices that allow consumers enjoy internet service even if they don’t have 4G enabled devices. The devices sold by smile include; sim cards, MiFi’s and Routers.

Smile 4G Sim Cards

Smile 4G sims allows customers connect to the internet directly with their phones but the Sims only works with 4G devices. There are various starter plans at different prices for the smile sim cards.

Super Saver Sim Cards

This goes for 1000 naira and it comes with mobile phone access to the internet for 30 days, after buying the sim any preferred plan can be loaded on the sim card.

Smile Starter Pack Sim

This sim goes for 2,300 naira and it comes with 2GB of data valid for the first month, like the super saver sim card the plans are flexible and any preferred plan can be loaded.

Smile Unlimited Premium Sim Card

This sim goes for 19,800 naira and it comes with unlimited data for the first month, this sim allows unlimited access to the internet for the first month.


Smile 4G MIFI’s

Smile has two portable MIFI devices;

  •  The smile 4G notion device which goes for 16,500 naira and comes with 20Gb valid for 30 days.

  • The Smile Franklin device which goes for 26,500 naira and comes with 20GB of data for the first month.

Both devices can connect 10 devices to the internet simultaneously although the notion device has a detachable battery, both devices look different but they are equally efficient devices.


Smile 4G Router

The smile router goes for 36,500 naira; it can connect as many as 35 people to the internet simultaneously.


To get any of the smile devices call Gbolahan – 08141814795 (you can also send messages across WhatsApp)
0r send a mail to






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