To remove system app from any android device said device can either be unrooted or rooted but i would recommend you root your device. To remove system apps means to remove Bloatware! So, that brings the question: What is Bloatware?


What is Bloatware?

From – Bloatware is all of the extra software applications that come pre-installed on your Android device. It becomes necessary to remove bloatware apps which are system apps because there are some apps you would never ever use, so why keep them?

Bloatware apps always Run in the background which eats up your android device RAM and also your memory space because the bloatware is installed on your android’s phone memory.

remove system apps

2 Ways You Can Remove System Apps from your Android

  • Freeze or Disabling System Apps
    • When you freeze a system app the following happens:
    • The app doesn’t show among your installed apps
    • The app is completely disabled means you can’t use or see the app

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  • Removing System Apps
    • Generally, the bloatware is in the system partition of the device. So, in non-rooted devices, we can’t remove pre-installed apps.
    • In the rooted device, we can remove it easily.
    • Uninstalling pre-installed apps will free the storage space and RAM taken by the apps.


How to Freeze Bloatware or System Apps (Non-rooted Devices)

This is a way you can remove system apps from your unrooted android device by freezing the app by disabling it or turning it off. It’s simple

  • Go to SettingsAppsAll Applications Tab
  • Select the app – Click Disable or Turn Off

freeze system app

  • Tap OK for the confirmation! That’s it, you have successfully frozen the app.
  • To Unfreeze any app, Simple follow the steps above but click Enable or Turn ON


Remove System Apps on Android (Rooted Device)

Always remember to do a complete backup of your Android device by doing a Nandroid Backup. There are many ways you can remove system apps by using different apps and softwares.

Download System App Remover from Google Playstore

system app remover

How to Use System App Remover

  • Install and open System App Remover
  • Under system app, you’ll see all the system applications.
  • Select the apps and click on the uninstall button at the bottom.
  • Press YES for the confirmation message.

That’s it. The pre-installed system apps should be uninstalled.


What is System App Remover?

  • If you get confused which bloatware or system apps you should delete? then you can use this app. This app mark the system apps as key module, should keep and could remove. So, you can get a clear idea which apps to remove.
  • This app will auto backup all the uninstalled system apps and store them in the recycle bin. So, whenever you need the app back, you can use this backup to restore it. And, when you use the backup, the app will be installed as the system app.


My Final Thoughts

To enjoy a fast android device free of bloatware and system apps you need to root your device because you can remove bloatware from a rooted android device with ease. In 2016, there are more reasons to root your android device and enjoy your android smartphone or tablet to the fullest! Get the most bang for your buck!

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