Nairatips Definition of the Android ROM is a based definition and was conceived after years of personal experience with the ROM and the definition is executed mostly on personal experience.

Android ROM

PC Magazine Encyclopedia defines the Android ROM as Android Read Only Memory which is a file containing the executable instructions (a system image) of an Android OS and affiliated apps.

NairaTips defines an Android ROM as the Operating System installed in any android device. An android ROM comes with the system image which is the Android Version, the latest version is 5.1 which is Lollipop ROM. It also comes with pre-installed apps like Google Apps(Play store, Play, Music etc), Samsung Apps and so on, the pre-installed apps varies from the manufacturers of the Android device. If you purchase a Samsung android device, the ROM and pre-installed apps would be different from Sony, HTC, Huawei etc but ultimately there would be some similar apps like Pictures/Gallery, Music, Browser/Internet, Contact, Message etc.


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