Need help downloading the latest Sony Xperia ROM? I can help teach you way, this is what this guide is all about. You can learn how to download the latest Sony Xperia ROM without any stress, flash and update your Sony Xperia operating system.

Just as my 2 previous Posts How To Download The Latest Samsung ROM and How To Download The Latest HTC ROM. I’m not forgetting those using Sony Xperia devices.

sony xperia rom

This post is all about Downloading the latest Stock Android Software Version (ROM) for your Sony Xperia device, if the Software update doesn’t get pushed to your phones, this way is a more direct approach where you take your update by force by locating it, downloading it and lastly updating your Sony Xperia device to enjoy the new Android Version.

How To Download The Latest Sony Xperia ROM


  • Search for your Sony Xperia device by scrolling down and navigating though pages until you locate your device.


  • I selected Sony XPERIA Z2 D6503 Android 5.1.1 . This page is the most important page, make sure you read it carefully.

sony xperia latest rom

  • After you downloaded the flashtool, Click on Download, i recommend Google Drive


  • Click On Download. That’s pretty much how you locate and download the latest ROM version for your Sony Xperia device.

P.S: Flashing tutorials coming soon. Stay Tuned.


  1. Thanks for the tuts. I just updated my HTC One S to Android 5.0 yesterday night. I was kinda afraid that ama crash my phone cause it was giving me error. So i had to edit the updater script with notepad before I could get it working right in the recovery mode.

    • That’s good to know. People should understand that in everything we do, there’s always risks, even when updating phones. If you encounter any error, with a few google searches, that error gets fixed.


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