To download the Latest HTC ROM, there are different ways of doing it but this is one way of downloading the latest HTC Stock ROM with your computer or android devices. Getting Android phone or tablet software update is becoming hard nowadays especially when you are using an old Android device of more than 3 years since manufacturing date.

If you have a Samsung device and want to download and upgrade your android device to the latest verison. Read this Article How To Download The Latest Samsung ROM.


I posted earlier on how to get the latest Samsung ROM Android Version which is Lollipop for now, and today i’m bringing to you something similar but with a different brand called HTC. Since Samsung isn’t the only BIG Android brand out there, it won’t be fair to leave out the rest like SONY, Huawei, Infinix, Techno and so on.

This post is all about Downloading the latest Stock Android Software Version (ROM) for your HTC device, if the Software update doesn’t get pushed to your phones, this way is a more direct approach where you take your update by force by locating it, downloading it and lastly updating your HTC device to enjoy the new Android Version.

How To Download The Latest HTC ROM


  • Choose Your HTC device Network Carrier


  • In most cases, Your HTC device should be Unlocked, but if you see any of the carrier’s logo on your HTC device, select the carrier. I selected Unlocked/Developer


  • Click on Details and Instructions. This page is very important, make sure to read most of it, instructions on how to update the ROM are also available at this page.


  • Scroll down till you see Download. Click on Download, it should start Immediately



P.S: Not all HTC devices have software update in the official HTC ROM download Page. Poor dev. if you ask me 😐


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