Football Betting Tips Today

Welcome to the best football betting tips you are going to find today. The tips I show here are from a FREE and ACCURATE football betting tips app which gives football betting tips free on a daily basis.

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How am I so sure?

Before I used this app, I installed it first to monitor the predictions, success rate of the predictions, high odd picks and overall feel of the app. What I noticed first was the reviews about the app, I saw people willing to donate to the owner of the app or buy him or her a beer.

Then I installed the app, two days later I received a post notification of how they got all predictions right winning 3/3 high odds picks, I confirmed the games and found it was correct with the predictions the app gave. So the next day I decided to play some high odds games using the app, I played 3 out of 5 and I won all. The app predicted 5/5 games and got all.

The games were on 16th, November 2017, one of the games had odds of 3.52(Australia. A League Game – Central Coast Marines Academy vs Adelaide United) and I played N100,000 which got me N352,000.

The other game was Club Friendlies Hapoel Afula – Maccabi Petah Tivka with 1.98 odds, i steaked N52,000 and got  N102,960. Only with these two games I have made almost N500,000 in one day that’s how effective this app is.

It has made me rich and I’m writing about it so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

There are no hidden VIP room that requires you to pay a sum of money before you can have access it and there’s no discrimination regarding odds. Some people complain that some betting tips apps gives low odd prediction free and hides the high odds picks in the VIP section which you can’t get for free but this football betting tips app makes everything free.

This app is simple to use and is both for football betting veterans or beginners that have seen the money football betting can get you.

The Best Free Football Betting Tips App?

Touchlinebet is the best free football betting tips app and this is the app I recommend to both football betting veterans and beginners because its free, easy to use and will make you rich, more rich, very rich.

Best Online Sports Betting AppTouchline Bet App Features

  • Lite modern look
  • Match time shown
  • Match Country and League shown
  • Odds (Price)
  • Scoreline update after match
  • Star Icon (Play Store rating)
  • High Odds Picks (2.00 or 1/1 above)
  • Betslip (Accumulators posted here)

Where can I download Touchline Bet?

Free Football Betting Tips Inside. Designed by and for the TRUE Bettors.

Download links below for both Android & iOS users.



TouchlineBet is focused on all football leagues and it gives accurate prediction for yesterday and today games. Here’s a list of all the leagues supported by TouchlineBet app which you can get highly accurate and fast betting predictions for easy calculated wins.

  • English Premier League
  • Spain LA Liga
  • Germany Bundesliga
  • Italian Series A
  • Switzerland Super League
  • Belgium Beker van Belgie
  • Europe Europa League
  • Scotland Challenge Cup
  • Austria Ersta Liga
  • China CFA Cup
  • Czech Republic Cup
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Professional League
  • TUNISIA League 1
  • ESTONIA Premium Liga
  • SPAIN Copa del rey
  • ICELAND I delid
  • CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Football League
  • SWEDEN Allsvenskan Women
  • DENMARK  DBU Pokalen
  • IRELAND Premier Division
  • BELGIUM First Division
  • FINLAND Kakkonen.

Footbal Betting Tips Today Winning Evidence

Decemeber 5th, 2017 – All high odd picks won, 5/5 games won.

Basel win
Palmeiras U20 win (Brazil)
Lokomotiv Plodiv game X (Bulgaria)
Motherwell U20 win (Scotland)
H. Academical U20 win (Scotland)


Football Betting Tips Today – December 12th, 2017

Expect free highly accurate football betting tips with high success rate every day which includes weekdays and weekends. These football betting tips are from Touchlinebet.

touchlinebet tips dec 12touchlinebet tips dec 12touchlinebet tips dec 12Get High Odds Football Betting Tips Today

touchlinebet tips dec 12This is a Quick Crash Course on Football Betting

Let’s start with a simple match: Arsenal vs Chelsea.

There are different picks with different meaning I will be explaining them to you below.

1 – Arsenal win
2 – Chelsea win
X – Draw

1X – Arsenal Win or Draw
X2 – Chelsea Win or Draw
12 – Arsenal or Chelsea Win

GOALS (Over and Under)

Over 0.5 – More than 0 Goal total in the match.
Over 1.5 – More than 1 Goal total in the match.
Over 2.5 – More than 2 Goals total in the match.

Under 0.5 – No Goal in the match
Under 1.5 – Less than 2 Goals total in the match.
Under 2.5 – Less than 3 Goals total in the match.


BTTS or GG – Means Both Teams to Score or Goal Goal. Which means each team will score at least one goal.
Can be 1-1 or 10-1. Both teams did score.

HT/FT (Half-time/Full-Time)

1HT – Arsenal will be winning at the end of First Half. Doesn’t matter how the game ends.

2HT – Chelsea will be winning… Blah blah as above.

XHT – Draw at the end of First half.

1/1 – Arsenal will be winning at the end of the First half and will win the game. (Can be 1-0 HT and still 1-0 FT) As long as they were winning at HT and still won the game.

2/2 – Chelsea blah blah as above

1/2 – Arsenal will be winning at HT but Chelsea win at FT. Example (1-0 HT. 1-2 FT)

X/1 – Draw at HT. Arsenal win FT (0-0 HT and 1-0 FT) for example.

From that you can figure out 2/X, X/2, X/X and any other variation.

The difference between X2 and X/2
X2. Away team win win or draw the match at FT
X/2. The match will be a draw at Halftime but the Away team will win at Full-time

Now time for Questions.

If match is 0-2 HT and 2-2 FT. What is the correct HT/FT pick?

Leave a comment below if you are able to answer this simple question.