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PDF to Word


A modern-day person is accustomed to using PDFs for their everyday activities because they are one of the best file types that can we use for document sharing. The structure of PDF document allows it to look the same no matter on what device or operating system you read it. It can also contain any type of data like pictures, tables, buttons, links and text. Data that it contains can be password protected if needed.

But the main problem that we face when working with PDFs is that we can hardly edit those files. The data found in some files can be only viewed but not edited by users. Retyping the file from the scratch is not a great option, but converting the file to more suitable document type is.

There are many converters out there that require a PC which can perform those tasks but when you consider that most of PDFs are consumed on the mobile phone, it is completely natural to have a dedicated app that will do just that.

PDF to Word Converter app, developed by Cometdocs, enables you to convert any PDF to editable Word document on your mobile phone. It can keep pace with almost any online or desktop software when the conversion quality is in question. However, the possibility to convert any PDF on the go with just a few taps is even better.


What is PDF to Word Converter?

It allows you to convert any PDF file from your mobile device or from cloud services to a Word document. Here are some of the features:

  • Unlimited free conversion
  • No limits on file size
  • First-rate conversion quality
  • Advanced OCR technology
  • Conversion from Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and Box

The conversion is performed on conversion servers, not using up the phones resources. It requires the Internet connection, PDF to Word app and a little bit of patience.


How to use PDF to Word app?

PDF to Word is really easy-to-use and offers intuitive interface. It requires three simple steps to convert your file.

1.  You open the app and find the file you want to convert.


PDF to Word

You can upload the file from your device or from any of the cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). To use cloud services, you are required to insert login information into the app so you can get access to your files.


2.  Upload the file and wait for the conversion to finish. The conversion is performed on conversion servers and you can freely use your phone as usual while waiting. The conversion won’t affect your phone’s performance.

PDF to Word

3. Once the conversion is done, open your file and edit it further. The result is a completely editable file that has all the elements of the original file.


PDF to Word


PDF to Word Converter for Android

PDF to Word Converter for iPhone/iPad


PDF to Word Converter app, developed by Cometdocs, enables you to convert any PDF to editable Word document on your mobile phone.





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