My Clash of Clans TH9.5 Ultimate Guide is the complete package because it covers everything about being a TH9.5 in clash of clans. I have been playing clash of clans for over a year now and this isn’t my first .5 experimentation.

TH9.5 Ultimate Guide

I did TH8.5 but sadly enough that wasn’t successful because i kept getting paired up with TH9s which wasn’t the plan, the whole reason was to get paired against an opposite TH8 because i was a TH9 i would easily destroy a TH8 but it didn’t work. So i became a full TH9 by building the 2 xbows and other new defenses which increased my war weight.

For newbies, noobs, newcomers or those that claim to be veterans but still don’t know what a .5 TH strategy is, i will explain everything step by step.

What is .5 TH Strategy?

The .5 TH Strategy is a war based strategy focused solely on having an advantage in war. It works from TH9-11 and this is how it works:

  • You upgrade your Town hall to TH10
  • You don’t build any new defense that means no Inferno towers, 3rd xbows and other defenses
  • You don’t upgrade any of your defense buildings
  • You can build new walls and upgrade them to max level to make it harder for your TH9 war opponents
  • You focus only on the offensive side which means you would need a shit ton of elixir to upgrade new camps, upgrade troops to max, unlock new troops and spell spaces and so on. Elixir is more important than Gold in TH9.5, all your gold would go to your traps and walls.

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Why Do the TH9.5 Strategy?

  • To have an advantage in war
  • To destroy your opposite number in war everytime because you are more powerful than him or her.
  • You are able to keep your war weight in check
  • You can attack much higher in the war chain because your offense is TH10 level
  • You get all the perks at a TH10 normally gets like 240 troop space, extra spell brewing capacity, new Dark Elixir drill, Max out some troops like the Valkyrie, unlock bowlers and miners and other cool stuffs.
  • You are able to draw higher ranking war attacks from opponents in war
  • To be able to get max troops early
  • You can donate better troops for your clan

Benefits of being a TH9.5 

  • 240 Troops Capacity:You can now train 240 troops in your barracks after you upgrade to TH10 you can upgrade your army camps.


  • Extra Spell Brewing Capacity: You can now brew up to 5 spells in your spell factory but in TH9 you could brew only 4 spells.


  • 35 Clan Castle Troop Space: Your cc would be maxed and you can receive many more troops from your clan members.


  • Lab Upgrade: Upgrade your laboratory and get access to the best troop upgrade ever in clash of clans.


  • MAX VALKS: You get max valks as a TH10 and with you being a TH9.5, You can use those max valks to totally wreck your war opponents. You can also use max valks for farming and trophy pushing because they are just so good.


  • Unlock Miners: As a TH10, you can unlock Miners which so useful in the game. As a TH9.5 attacking a TH9 base with miners is unreal and totally devastating to whoever you are attacking. Unlock miners and upgrade them to level 2 in your laboratory.


  • Unlock Bowlers: The bowlers is another very strong troop in clash of clans and it is unlocked at TH10. As a TH9.5 you can unlock bowlers, use them in you war attacks or for farming or trophy pushing. You can use attack strategies like Mass Bowlers or Bowlers and Valkyries together as a combo. Upgrade bowlers to level 2 to enjoy them fully. The upgrade to level 2 takes 120,000 Dark Elixir which is too much but also worth it.


  • My TH9.5 Account


TH9.5 Ultimate Guide Building Upgrade Order

  • Clan Castle
  • 4x Army Camp
  • Laboratory
  • Spell Factory
  • New Dark Elixir Drill
  • Gold and Elixir Collectors
  • Upgrade your traps to max level
  • Upgrade Air Sweepers
  • Upgrade Air defense
  • Upgrade Teslas
  • Start building new Archer tower and Canon, get them to TH9 level
  • Max walls
  • Start upgrading your existing TH9 defensive to TH10 level to become a maxed out TH10.

TH9.5 Ultimate Guide Lab Upgrade Order

  • Valks to Max Level
  • Bowlers to Level 2
  • Freeze Spell to Max level
  • Golem to level 6
  • Wizards to level 6
  • Giants to level 7
  • Archers to max level
  • Barbarians to max level
  • Dragon to max level
  • PEKKA to max level
  • Wall breakers to Max Level
  • Goblins to Max level

Cons of TH9.5 Strategy

  • Loot becomes hard to get because most bases you want to loot would have inferno towers and they would destroy your level 6 giants and you will have to switch up your attack strategies to deal with those bloody inferno towers.
  • You will get attacked by higher Townhall levels guys that would come and smash your base and you lose resources but this isn’t the end of life. What i did was to get a very good DE protection base and sacrifice all my Gold and Elixir storages.

My TH9.5 Ultimate Guide works and still working as at October, 2016 and is still working as at January, 2017. I encourage you to do the same i did and i will also employ my clan members to go the TH9.5 war to get us a huge advantage in war. During my time planning for a TH9.5 i used this blogpost as a guide to write my very own My Updated TH9.5 Ultimate Guide. You can check it out.


  1. Nice work! But would upgrading air sweepers, air defences, teslas, and traps increase your war weight and more likely match you with th10s?

    • Thanks for your comment. Upgrading air sweepers, teslas, air defenses and trap won’t increase your war weight that much but don’t upgrade your TH9 defense level to TH10. Like don’t upgrade archer towers, wizard towers, canons, mortars just to be on the safe side of war matchmaking.


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