This is a confirmed working Castle Clash Rolling Gem Legendary Trick (100% Working with Proof) that i recently discovered, i will link to where i got this trick from because i’m a nice guy and i believe in worldwide free sharing of information. This trick increases your chances of getting legendary heroes in castle clash. It’s so awesome, i can’t wait to get gems i almost feel like buying gems.

Castle Clash Rolling Gem Legendary Trick

I started using this trick some weeks ago and I’ve rolled some really nice castle clash legendary heroes like Pumpkin Duke, Vlad Dracula, Cupid, Dread Drake, Skull Knight, Gholem, Trixie Treat, Orskbane, Beast Tamer, Death Knight, Valentina, Harpy Queen, Paladin, Warlock and so on. I told my guild leader about the trick and he confirmed it is working because he rolled 450 gems only and got Pumpkin Duke, Warlock and Harpy Queen all in single 150 gem rolls.. Awesome!

Castle Clash is one of the best games on Android & iOS. Yes, it’s similar to Clash of Clans but they are have so much difference in terms of heroes, gameplay, game modes, items and even player base. I honestly don’t know which one is bigger but i play both games and i have a lot of fun with them because i can easily switch from one game to another really spending my free time well.

Castle Clash Rolling Gem Legendary Trick

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is Click on Immortep 5 times before you roll your gems.

Legendary hero rolling trick castle clash

  • Go to Heroes Altar
  • Hire Shard Heroes
  • Legends
  • Scroll down to Immortep which is the last hero on the right.
  • Click on him 5 times or more if you believe in the more clicks the better your chance
  • Go back to Heroes Alter
  • Start rolling gems for Legendary Heroes


  • I rolled 1300 gems with this trick and got a Treantaur

castle clash treantaur gem rolling trick

  • I rolled 450 gems with this trick and got a VLAD DRACULA

castle clash vlad gem rolling trick

  • I rolled 150 gems and got SKULL KNIGHT on November 6th, 2016 after using this awesome trick

  • 4 days later, i rolled 450 gems and got BEAST TAMER on November 10th, 2016 after using this awesome trick

  • November 20th, 2016 was the day i got TRIXIE TREAT after a 450 gem roll using this awesome 100% still working trick

  • November 27th, 2016 was the day i got GHOULEM after a 150 gem roll using this awesome 100% still working trick

  • On Christmas Day – December 25th, 2016. IGG surprised me with a Christmas Gift – DREAD DRAKE!!!

I got this trick idea from a Youtuber. Follow this link to his Channel, Help grow his channel by subscribing so he can upload more videos like this with more update and working tricks on Castle Clash Rolling Gem Legendary Trick.


My Castle Clash Legendary Heroes Alter

15th of May 2017 Update

A lot has happened since i last updated, i have strengthened my account, I now have devo Ghoulem and Skull Knight and I also rolled rare legenday heroes all using this trick. I will share my latest, i rolled 450 gems and get 2 rare legendary hero with less than 0.15% chance of getting – Grimfiend and Anubus!





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