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Hi, i'm Paul. I love playing games. I love computers & Internet. Certified Android app & Game Developer. I am clearly a fan of the Android OS & Android Rooting and i possess a wide range of I.C.T skills which i freely share with you via this blog!

Best Way to use Whatsapp PC in 2017

What is the best way to use Whatsapp PC? There is a common trend usually among people that use their laptops or desktop computers very well , they use or want to use whatsapp web on their computer …

Enjoy GLO 4G + 10GB Data all with 20,000 Naira

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve not written this article earlier as requested by some of my readers. I receive a lot of questions about GLO 4G LTE, some of main questions are below and i will also…

7 Reasons for using a Ptron Smart Watch in 2017

There are numerous reasons why we need ptron smart watch in our daily life. Basically, the presence of smart watches itself allows us to get the advantage of gadget awareness and if you are wearing…

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