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Future of Content Marketing: Video Marketing


So, what is the future of Content Marketing? The answer is Video Marketing.

Digital world has changed vastly in the past era and along with it, so have our lives. It is a wonder today how everyone right from the older population to the teeny-tiny toddlers have adapted to the evolving technology. Probably your kids can find all the videos they want to see on the internet, and that is exactly what tells us that the future of marketing is videos. Content marketing has been in trend since a long time; but what makes video marketing more appealing is the aesthetic appeal.  We know that a huge chunk of our population today spends most of its time online and social media requires active engagement. To present to this population, your ideas over lengthy articles is just not appealing.

Video marketing Advantages

So let’s see how you can use video marketing to your advantage:

#1. Ease of distribution

When a marketer designs any advertising campaign, the first thing they think about is the reach. Videos want to go viral. They are the perfect media to send a message across since they are compatible with a range of devices.  Availability of high end smart phones and unlimited internet speeds have ensured that if a video is available, people will watch it. Video content that is appealing generally gets shared on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, as one user shares it with the second and the second with the third; till it reaches maximum people. It really is one of the most inexpensive media of marketing.

#2. Top of the mind recall

Every seller, every marketer and every brand wish that their products are easily recognizable. The intent of marketing is that when a consumer starts to think about buying a particular product, his product should be amongst one of the first that come to the buyer’s mind. This is known as brand recall. People tend to remember something they have seen more often than something that they may have read about. Today, marketers aim at creating content which help in easier recall of the brand while someone makes a purchase decision. Content that has some valuable information with only a small brand logo in the background or a mention once in the entire video is a more subtle and effective way of boosting brand recall. This video from McVitie’s has been rated as the favourite video by users for its creativeness and the message that it sends across. The subtlety with which the product is marketed

#3. Use a live video

The concept of live video as introduced by Snapchat is probably the most simplest and yet, the most effective idea for video marketing. Live video allows users to share the important moments of their life with their near and dear ones. It engages the audience in the moment and at the same time, people can share their feedback. All social media platforms allow sharing live videos for free; and if you have a large number of followers, then you must definitely cash on this. A great example of this can be the live video streamed by Dunkin Donuts with coffee and donuts in their kitchen making it almost irresistible for people viewing, hence motivating them to go and enjoy the same.

#4. Be found

Every time when you have to buy a product, I am sure the first thing that you do is search for it online. This is true for every other individual who has access to internet. So why not as marketers, benefit from this? You might be in the business of selling electronics or day to day home products, or you might simple be a service industry; but a simple video put up by you will go a long way in creating your image. For a service industry like the firms specialising in travel and tourism, videos about the places they tour, the itinerary, feedback from  their patrons; all this can be compiled in a beautiful video so that when a potential customer comes looking for it, it is available.

#5. Creating emotional connect

The difference between a good company and a great company are its leaders and its key competencies. Your employees are your first customers as they are the ones who further service your customers. As long as you as managers and leaders take efforts to connect with your customers, they will in turn connect with you. The brands with the highest value have some of the most loyal customers in the long run. This can only happen by connecting with your customers emotionally. A video on the journey of your company or about an average day of your employees in the office can go a long way in creating the emotional connect amongst the customers. For a biscuit manufacturing company, a simple video demonstrating the process of making the biscuit will definitely be appreciated by the consumers.

Video marketing offers us a plethora of benefits which include reach, cost effectiveness and genuine customer feedback. With the help of videos, you can show the varied sides of your business which are otherwise hidden. The operational expense involved in content marketing by videos is probably the only major expense incurred. You will need to invest in a for good quality camera and laptop/phone and maybe video creating software. However, you can also save on this cost by using Currys Discount Codes to buy good quality hardware at reasonable rates.




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