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PES 2018 News: Release Date, Price, Platforms & Features


Good news for PES 2018 fans, Konami is releasing PES 18 full game across different gaming platform in a few days, so get your wallets ready to buy the new PES 18, but PC Users don’t necessarily have to buy the game because the various gaming cracking teams such as Blackbox, STEAMPUNKS, RELOADED and others would crack and release the free version for PC users to play without a dime. This is clearly one of the advantages PC gamers have over console gamers – The possibility of a game being cracked or patched so you don’t have to buy it but there are always two sides to everything. If you download a cracked PC game, you can’t play online multiplayer on that cracked game you downloaded. So, buying a game still has it advantages.

PES 2018 Demo Gameplay

PES 2018 Release Date: When is the game coming out?

PES 2018 Release Date is September 12, 2017. Get ready.

PES 2018 Platforms: What gaming devices will it work for?

PES 18 would be released on September 12, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC users. Giving a wide range of compatibility across all the player base which is for the fans because even though you are using the old-generation consoles such as PS3 & Xbox 360 you are not left behind and you can enjoy the 2017 PES release.

What’s new in PES 2018:  New Features

  • DAVID Beckham is coming to PES 18:

    Konami has confirmed that David Beckham will make an appearance in PES 2018, in the form of a PES 2018 Legend. But if you thought you’d only get to play as one variant of Golden Balls, you’d be wrong: you’ll have access to five different David Beckhams from important points in his career.

    You’ll find two England team Beckhams, a Real Madrid Beckham, a Club AC Milan Beckham and an LA Galaxy Beckham.

  • Konami has added an animation where the keeper ‘bounces’ the ball off his gloves before collecting it.
  • New additions to the control systems add more fluidity to the game, while a rejigged user interface makes menus easier to navigate.
  • Full 11-Vs-11 online options are joined by co-operative 2-Vs-2 and 3-Vs-3 modes with support for local guests.
  • The much-requested ‘Random Selection’ match returns with all new content, while the Master League implements pre-season tournaments, a new transfer system, pre-match interviews and an insight to the changing rooms.
  • Improved graphics.

PES 2018 Price in Nigeria & across the world

Its’s pretty much going to be the standard price starting at 20,000 Naira but would drop significantly after launch due to it’s low demand in the market. Really only hardcore PES fans would buy it.

The price is dollar would be the standard $59.99 but it can always drop to $49.99 depending on promos and deals.

Where can i buy PES 18?

Pre-order or buy PES 18 on Amazon.

Buy in Nigeria at Sosogames or find an independent seller on OLX , JiJi.ng and Nairaland is also a good option to buy games from.

In conclusion

I really hope PES 18 can compete with FIFA 18 this 2017 because the last PES game I bought, played and enjoyed was PES 2013. The next release which was PES 2014 destroyed everything has Konami used a FIFA-like engine which broke the game. I did not want another FIFA game, I really used to enjoy PES with the killer through passes and outside the box shoots and it would be nice if PES 18 brings back the PES loving community that it lost 4 years ago.





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