AnonyTun Etisalat Free Browsing Settings

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  1. Babawilli says:

    Working good, thanks

    1. Paularo says:

      I’m glad to be of help.

  2. Smith says:

    What about that of glo pls

    1. Paularo says:

      GLO 0.0K setting has already been posted, check the homepage, you can’t miss it.

  3. Babawilli says:

    I check with kind of slow but etisalat fast

    1. Paularo says:

      Etisalat 3G is faster than GLO 3G anytime.

  4. mikemills says:

    Thanks a lot for this. Any idea on how many mb etisalat gives?

    1. Paularo says:

      Etisalat gives 60MB per day

  5. kelechi says:

    Bro u are too much,heard of the app yesterday but didn’t know how to configure it.
    I just stumbled on your website and in few minutes I have gain a lot,am really happy now.
    Will bookmark your website right away,keep it up.

    1. Paularo says:

      Yes, i am the first blog to get access to AnonyTun and its settings directly from the makers of the android app. Please bookmark and tell your friends. Would you also like to join my Nairatips blog whatsapp group?

      1. kelechi says:

        yes I have joined already

        1. Paularo says:

          Thanks for joining.

          1. kenneth says:

            Please add my number 08175592286

      2. noble says:

        add me 08032912839

      3. Promise says:

        Add my no 09079244311

  6. Charlie says:

    Works like charm. Flies like jet. But only 60mb… Manageable sha. Good job (y)

    1. Paularo says:

      For now, 60MB daily limit is all we have for now. Expect better settings in the future.

  7. saeedu says:

    My Etisalat is not working PLS help me

    1. Paularo says:

      Etisalat settings are working 100%, please make sure you follow the steps well. In cases of errors, kindly share those errors with me.

  8. saeedu says:

    My Etisalat is not working Pls help me sir

    1. Paularo says:

      double check your settings, make sure the words in the custom TCP/HTTP header are correct – word for word.

  9. Kay says:

    Hi bro please is this one will be like tweakware also? That we can for monthly plan pls this 60mb is to small I beg tell me more about this new anonytun is kind looking great

  10. saeedu says:

    Sir see my hosting.

    1. Paularo says:

      Yeah, that’s the correct setting but make sure you change the protocol to HTTP

  11. Mr.P says:

    Tank You somuch bro!!’s working 100%

  12. Mr.P says:

    ThanksBro..I really appreciate this

  13. Chukwuka says:

    Please sir this Etisalat zero is it unlimited or not pls

    1. Paularo says:

      Sorry, the Etisalat tweak is not unlimited, it’s the Glo that is unlimited.

  14. digi says:

    Dose this work in Jamaica on digicel network? hlp plz

    1. Paularo says:

      I am not sure, you have to try it to know if it’s going to work.

      For digicel network, you need to configure it to your own jamaican network’s host.

      1. renzjr says:

        can you help us in configuring digicel jamaican networks host???

  15. Mosko says:

    I can’t download the App from playstore, dunno why?

      1. Mosko says:

        Thanks for the link but it’s not connecting on my phone

        1. Paularo says:

          make sure you change the connection protocol to HTTP. sometimes it reverts back to TCP

          1. Mosko says:

            The protocol is HTTP, it didn’t change since I configured it

          2. Paularo says:

            ok, there is a new settings. I will update the post

  16. Dezzi says:

    Any settings for digicel in Jamaica

    1. Paularo says:

      No settings for now.

      1. Dezzi says:

        Could you let me know if it’s available

        1. Paularo says:

          ok, i will inform you.

  17. Mosko says:

    Not working on my phone with etisalat, it’s only connect if there is data, help Pls

    1. Paularo says:

      Sorry to hear that. New etisalat settings coming up

  18. Jimoh K says:

    So super tnx for d latest

    1. Paularo says:

      Yes, the latest AnonyTun version 1.5 works flawlessly with GLO 0.0K

      1. Yusuf says:

        Pls..add me to ur groups 07082780080

  19. Yemtrailzy says:

    The download link you posted for the application is no more working. It says it has been deleted. Please help get another one

  20. I am Halezis says:

    Thanks bro.. its connecting and also disconnecting within a short while and after that takes a long while before it could connect again. I’ve checked the settings and it’s still as I set it. What could be the problem?

    Also add me to your WhatsApp group. 08108297633

      1. TeeTee says:

        Please add me to your group. I can’t join through the link 08133757292

      2. Godwin says:

        Pls add me to your group, wouldn’t join using d link . 08096933869

  21. Hassan Aliyu says:

    Sir i do everything t but it didn’t connect

    1. Paularo says:

      I am not sure of Etisalat for now only GLO.

  22. Tahir says:

    After filling all d necessary fields required, just like u described. I still cant connect

    1. Paularo says:

      what app are you using?

  23. Henry Nwankwor says:

    how can I be a reseller and do I need a reseller to be able to reach more people? my WhatsApp no: 08036043711. email: jesussoldier2015@gmail. com

    1. Paularo says:

      Yes, being a reseller, you will be able to reach more people but you need to have platforms for people to know that you are a reseller.

  24. iseoluwa says:

    pls oo mine is not browsing with the glo .i use htc desire 530.all the settings are correct but i cant seem to find wats wrong.

  25. coba says:

    The WhatsApp group link isn’t connecting, pls add me to the group.

    1. Paularo says:

      The whatsapp group is full. Please join our telegram group

  26. Chinonso says:

    Please add me 07069280144

    1. Paularo says:

      Our whatsapp group is full, you can join the telegram group

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