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Get your Cheap PS Plus Deal for 70 days & 140 days


Limited offer! Get your Cheap PS Plus Deal for 70 days & 140 days. Very cheap & affordable price. The 70 days starts at $4.35 and the 140 days starts at $7.99. Grab yours now because it’s a limited time offer! Safe to buy and use.

Why should i buy this Cheap PS Plus Deal?

  • It’s 100% safe, real and legit to buy.
  • It’s been sold by a legal and trusted worldwide site – eBay.
  • It’s very cheap, the cheapest deal you can find offering PlayStation Plus Membership and subscription to you at $0.99.
  • You can use the account you bought as the PRIMARY ACCOUNT and have access to PS Plus on your main accounts to play multiplayer almost free.
  • Another important reason you should buy this is because i recommend this method! It’s safe and you won’t get any penalty from PSN. I have used this method ever since i got my PlayStation 4 gaming console and till now this is how i get PS Plus.



Where can i find this Cheap PS Plus Deal?

70 Days PS Plus Deal


Cheap PS Plus Deal 140 Days PS Plus Deal

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