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WinSnap – My Best Screenshot & Editing Tool


WinSnap is one of the best screenshot tool created by ntwind. Win-snap is a screenshot & editing tool that takes shots of your windows laptop or computer screen and does it in a superior manner. With Winsnap after taking a screenshot, you have full editing access to add shadows, crop, add notes, watermark etc. which are the tools available to you and it’s fast & user friendly.

My WinSnap History & Experience

I started used Win-snap late last year – December, 2016. I remember i visited a website (how-to-geek) and i liked the way their screenshots were taken, they weren’t like mine they were on a whole different level so i did a little digging around, found the name of the screenshot software used and it was Winsnap. I quickly rushed to download it, got the free version and so far it has been great. I immediately stopped using my old screenshot tool which was the window’s snipping tool – this tool is good but very basic and doesn’t have that advance and professional appearance. So, now i’m a Win-Snap guy and so far, it has been great with so many features i haven’t really used but the few ones i have tried performed wonderfully.

The main feature i use is the “include cursor” and “shadow effect” coupled along with the different modes of capture which is really dedicated and focused. I also dabble around is other features like watermark, blur effects and highlighter tool,  some of my content i always liked watermarked with my blog logo while some i just leave free.

WinSnap Capture Modes

There are 5 capture modes. Each has it’s unique function and having a total of 5 different ways to capture your screen is very flexible and it creates room for creativity and professionalism. If you have used a screenshot tool before, this list would look familiar but what is new on this list is the “Object” capture mode.

  • Full screen
  • Application
  • Window
  • Object –  This mode allows you capture more than one object by holding CTRL.
  • Region – You can capture two or more regions by holding CTRL.

  Download Win-Snap


WinSnap Key Features

Winsnap is a powerful tool with lots of features but i will be pointing out the key or most used features that are easy and quick to learn to make your screenshots look more superior & professional.

  • Shadow effect –  Make screenshot look better and more professional
  • Highlighter Pen tool –  Useful for making tutorials and drawing arrows and circles.
  • Blur Effect –  Very good for focusing on a particular section in your screenshot
  • Include cursor –  Useful for tutorials and showing click motions
  • Clear Background –  This is a dedicated function to capture only what you want, no background included.
  • Delay function – Helps you set a timer to when you want the screenshot taken so you can capture motion.
  • Reflection – Is a great visual effect to help you add a reflection of your screenshot below.
  • Outline – Creates a colored border around your screenshot


  Download Win-Snap





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