How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor in 2017

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  1. David says:

    Donation hub is paying ignore does rumors

  2. Gordan mady says:

    Thank you the graph was really helpful to make my purchase decision.

    1. Paularo says:

      Gordan. I am glad this guest post was useful and able to help your decide what gaming monitor to buy. Thanks for your comment.

  3. David chris says:

    You have made my decision making so easy now i will just walk up to the store and i know what i want to buy…

    1. Paularo says:

      I am glad, this article was able to guide you to buy the best gaming monitor you desire.

  4. BENQ XL2730 isn’t available. Could you help me out with a link where i could actually buy it?

  5. Is there anything new that has popped up this year apart from this. I want a hard core gaming monitor for my kid.

    1. Paularo says:

      ok, yeah. I would get back to you.

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