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Scan Documents with your Phone Using CamScanner App


The CamScanner App helps you scan documents using your smartphones or tablet. You turn your smartphone into a computer scanning machine. You don’t need a computer or a scanner machine. You can do everything with only your smartphone.

CamScanner App


What is CamScanner ?

CamScanner is an intelligent free phone scanning app that helps you instantly digitalize any document by scanning them with your phone.

With CamScanner, any documents you see in real world can be digitized and saved right away with your mobile phone. Just take a photo, and CamScanner take care of the rest.
– Scan any kind of document in seconds, texts or graphics.
– Scan multi-page documents
– Batch scan documents
– Auto-crop scanned photos
– Smart-enhance the scan results
– Several Enhance Modes available
– Save scan results to system album
– Create PDF files for scans
– Customize PDF page size: 10 page size options (Letter, A4, B5 and etc.)



You maybe asking yourself what do i need to make CamScanner  work? The answers are above;

  • You need a Smartphone or Tablet –  Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phone.
  • You also need to have CamScanner  installed on your smartphone or tablet.
  • You need to have a functional camera in your phone or tablet.


How to Scan Documents with CamScanner App

  • Download CamScanner from one of the links above depending on your mobile platform.
  • Open CamScanner
  • Prepare your document for scanning
  • Create a new scan in CamScanner, position your camera above the document you want scanned
  • CamScanner enhances the document to improve quality and clarity.
  • You can take multiple scans and put them in a single folder
  • You can also share your scanned documents through emails, bluetooth or other file sharing services available for your smartphone or tablet.

CamScanner is a free app but a premium version is available to those who want more functions and exclusiveness especially the High Quality Scan Function available only in the Premium version.

Interested in CamScanner Premium? Follow this link

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