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Turn Your Phone into a Mouse Using WiFi Mouse


Turn Your Phone into a Computer Mouse Using WiFi Mouse is the guide for today. You are going to learn how to transform your smartphone (Android, iPhone and iPad) to a wireless mouse to use on your computer. It works great as a quick external mouse replacement and useful in situations where your mouse track pad suddenly develops a fault or your external mouse finally stops working, don’t panic –  Remember & Use WiFi-Mouse.


What is WiFi Mouse?

WiFi-Mouse is an open source app that works for Android, iPhone and iPad which transforms your smartphone into a wireless computer mouse able to perform all the functions of a normal working functional mouse.

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  • Smartphone – Android, iPhone or iPad
  • Computer – Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Fedora
  • Internet Connection
  • WiFi Mouse App installed on the smartphone
  • WiFi Mouse Server Software installed on the Computer
  • Both smartphone and computer connected to the same internet network


How Does it Work?

Step 1

For the first step, you need to download the app on your smartphone. You can start downloading the app on your smartphone below – Android device, iPhone or iPad.

Download one of the above depending on which smartphone you use. You need two apps, the first one you need is above.


Step 2

For the next step is the WiFi-Mouse Server which needs to be installed on the Computer you want to use. Wifi-Mouse works with different different computer operating systems like Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Step 3

Install and Open WiFi-Mouse Server on your computer either running on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu or Fedora operating systems.


Step 4

WiFi Mouse

Open your WiFi Mouse app installed on your smartphone, wait for it to search and locate the WiFi-Mouse server software installed on your system. Click on the name that shows.


Step 5

WiFi Mouse connects to WiFi Mouse Server, a screen opens up in your smartphone resembling a computer mouse track pad and you have the left mouse stick, the right mouse stick and even the middle stick. So your smartphone just transformed into a complete wireless computer mouse able to perform all the functions a normal mouse would. Don’t you just love technology?

A good alternative to WiFiMouse is Unified Remote Full – Easily Control Your PC with Your Android Smartphone. It’s a good post.


Get WiFi Mouse Bonus Offer

Get a special bonus offer anytime you share the Wifi Mouse app to your friends. This bonus lasts contains pro features like ads removal and so on which lasts for 14 days. So, hurry up and share with your friends, help them solve their computer mouse related problems.


Pictorial Tutorial


If you are having any issues with the app. Please leave a comment below or visit WiFiMouse website for more detailed and FAQ.


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