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Spectranet 100% Data Bonus: Get DOUBLE Your DATA


Spectranet 100% data bonus is only valid for the 31st of October, 2016 and it means you if you renew today, you get double the GigaByte! Using myself as an example, i usually subcribe 10K for 25GB because of the Unlimited Night feature and i got x2 data which is 50GB. This Promo is a special promo valid only for today and the reason behind this awesome offer is –  Spectranet is celebrating their Anniversary!

Spectranet 100% Data Bonus

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Spectranet 100% Data Bonus Email

The following are the contents of the Spectranet 100% Data Bonus Email sent to all their new and old customers, Check your email address and don’t miss out on this deal.

Dear Valued Customer,
It is our anniversary! To thank you for being there for us, we are offering this anniversary reward.
Renew your account on October 31, 2016 and get 100% data bonus to reach out to friends and loved ones.

Recently Spectranet was selected by Netflix to install the only Netflix server in West Africa.

Why not register for Netflix and enjoy Netflix one month free offer and enjoy recent movies and popular TV series.  Go to https://www.netflix.com for more information.

Added benefits include: Data Rollover and Free Unlimited Night Browsing for customers on

25GB plans and above.  Renew now and keep enjoying our upgraded network.

To enjoy this offer, visit any of the following channels to renew your account: https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng/; any Spectranet Shop or Channel Partners or call customer care on 07002345678.

Thank you for choosing and patronizing the broadband company of the year 2016

Terms and Conditions apply.
Team Spectranet


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