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Loot 1M Gold, Elixir & 2K DE Per Hour Using Raccoon Bot


I have been using Raccoon Bot for like 2 weeks now and so far i can boldly say that i have gotten more 20 Million Gold , Elixir and over 100k DE in the past week. I am really grateful to the developers of this bot and to my friend Zingur that exposed me to this specific settings and trophy range which gives me the best looting/farming result. This setting works well for TH10 and also TH9 within 1400-1700 trophy range.

My Raccoon Bot Settings

I am using Barbarians, Archers and Minions commonly known as B.A.M within 1400-1800 trophy range.

General Settings

  • Collect Resources
  • Build Troops
  • Attack
  • Clan Donations
  • Re-arm Traps/Xbox/Inferno

Quick Train settings

  • With the recent changes to the training module in clash of clans. A big update was released and the old barrack training settings was removed and Quick Train was introduced. It’s an improved and better training feature because you can train 2 armies at once which saves lots of time.
  • For the settings in raccoonbot, you need to tick which of the Army trains. You should have created the troops to be training in each of the Army inside the game.

  • Attack Settings
    • Leave the ACTIVE TAB BLANK
    • Click on the DEAD BASE TAB
      • Minimum Gold: 150,000
      • Minimum Elixir: 150,000
      • Minimum Dark Elixir: 0
      • Maximum TH Level: TH10
      • Need ALL
    • Four Finger Display
    • Near Collectors Deploy


  • Deploy Settings
    • Use Clan Castle Troops
    • Use King
    • Use Queen
    • Size of each troop wave: 80
    • Delay between each wave: 0.0 seconds
  • Misc Settings
    • End battle if no resource change in 10 seconds
    • Return home every 0 bases
    • Base skip delay: 0 seconds
  • Clan Settings
    • Request Troops
    • Donate troops by Keywords

Raccoon Bot

  • Misc TAB Settings
    • Trophy range 2000 to 1800


My Final Thoughts

Look at my statistics running raccoonbot for 1 hour and 3 hours respectively. See LIVE WORKING evidence

loot-show-off 3hrs

Do you love clash of clans but you are tired of having to boost your barracks before you can make any sizable loot? RaccoonBot is the solution for you!

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