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How to Use RaccoonBot for Automatic Looting


Hi, today i would be introducing Raccoonbot which makes playing Clash of Clans so much easier and fun. But before I get start talking Raccoon bot and what it can do for you, let’s take some time to get to know first of all – What’s a bot?


What is a Bot?

A bot is an automated system that performs just like a human. It uses scripts which serve as it’s code or guidelines and it can serve different purposes from automatic gaming, texting, liking, following etc. Bots are created by programmers to perform a function. Internet Captcha came into effect because of the increasing use of bots on the web.

What is RaccoonBot?

Raccoonbot is an automated software running on Windows OS which helps you farm/loot, train troops, donate, upgrade building/defenses automatically. With Raccoonbot, you can farm millions of Gold and Elixir and thousands of Dark Elixir all in one day without even boosting your barracks or resources.

Here’s my settings Loot 1M Gold, Elixir & 2K DE Per Hour Without Boost Using Raccoon Bot


  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 Laptop or Desktop
  • Also works on MAC systems running Virtual Machine Operating Sytems like VMware or Virtual Box.
  • Internet Connection
  • Android Emulator which can be either BlueStacks or MEMU
  • Android or iOS Clash of Clans account

Features of Raccoon Bot?

  • Stay Online 24/7
  • Automatic Resource Collection
  • Automatic Farming
  • Automatic Trophy Pushing
  • Automatic Troop Donating
  • Automatic Troop Requesting
  • Advanced Troop Training Methods
  • Advanced Farming Methods
  • Awesome TownHall Sniping (Trophy Pushing) Methods
  • Automatic Wall Upgrades
  • Automatic Building Upgrades
  • Easy to use phone notification system
  • Convenient statistics to track your bot’s progress

How to use Raccoon Bot

  • Download & Install Microsoft .NET 4.5.1: This is the first step which is very important because without this software, your Android emulator (Bluestacks or Memu) cannot run. If you already have it installed, don’t bother. Move onto the next step.

Download Microsoft .NET 4.5.1

  • Install an Android Emulator on your laptop or Desktop: Bluestacks or Memu. Either of them work well

Download MEMU

Download BlueStacks

  • Linking Your iOS or Android Clash of Clans Account to BlueStacks
  • For Android Users:

    • On your current device Open Clash of Clans and navigate to settings.
    • Press the Google+ sign in button, this will connect your account to your Google+ account to your Clash of Clans village.
    • When the Google+ button says connected, sign in to your Google Account that you have connected to your current device and your Clash of Clans account in the emulator.
    • Start Clash of Clans on the emulator and click the Sign-In button at the top left of your screen.
    • Choose the Google+ account that you added to the emulator and “Recover” your village to sync it to the emulator.
  • For iOS Users

    • Open Clash of Clans on your iOS device and in the emulator on your computer.
    • On your Android device connect your Clash of Clans account with any of your Google+ accounts.
    • On both your iOS and emulator accounts in Clash of Clans click “Settings” and then the “Link a Device” button.
    • On the iOS device click “This is the Old Device” and on the emulator click “This is the New Device”.
    • Enter the code given to you on the iOS account into the account on the emulator.
    • Recover” your village to sync it to the emulator.
  • Register Raccoon Bot Free Account: Before you can use raccoon bot, you need to have an account with this first. The account you are registering is a free account which mean you won’t be able to use all the functions Raccoon Bot has to offer.
  • After downloading Raccoon Bot, Start the application by clicking on Raccoonbot.exe
  • Login with your account details
  • Last Step is to configure your settings and click on Start BlueStacks or MEMU to begin the easy automated life which is botting!

Here’s my settings Loot 1M Gold, Elixir & 2K DE Per Hour Without Boost Using Raccoon Bot

My Final Thoughts

I have been using this bot for over a week now and I have already past my monthly looting quota.

I am a new TH9.5 and loot was very hard to get as i entered TH10 because I get TH9-11 max bases when farming, it was frustrating for me, I needed ALOT of Elixir but I couldn’t loot all day so I looked for a solution which is using bot to loot. Now my Gold and Elixir Storages are filled to the max by the end of each day. That is I literally loot more than 8.5 Million Gold and Elixir Per Day without boosting barracks or collectors. Now, I am happy because I loot all day, stay online all day and at night after work, I chat with my clan mates and showoff my end of the days loot.

I would be writing a post on the settings I use to loot so efficiently and easily. It’s a very cheap and fast farming strategy and I am sure you have heard of it before.

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