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Parallel Space App: Clone Android Apps


Parallel Space App is very nice  that allows you to clone apps and run multiple app accounts online simultaneously. I know you are lost, let me explain what “run multiple app accounts online” means – It simply means using two apps which are exactly the same to run different online profiles. For example: You can use two BBM, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Clash of Clans, Castle Clash, Badoo, Facebook or any other app you have installed on your android device. The list is truly endless and how it works it first of all, you install Parallel Space then simply clone any app you already have installed to use a different profile on it. I know you are here for a more detailed guide.

Parallel Space App

How to Clone Android Apps Using Parallel Space App

parallel space

  • Install and Run the app!
  • Click on the icon at the bottom and choose the app you want to Clone



  • You can click on More to view all your installed app, if you don’t see the app you want to clone


  • After cloning your app, it appears like this.


  • Open Parallel Space App, click on the cloned app and Sign into your 2nd account
  • That’s it. Easy right?!


My Final Thoughts

I use two Clash of Clans apps on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, One of the account is my main TH10 while the other is my Defenseless TH9 account which became possible with the Parallel Space App. I also run two accounts on Castle Clash and you can also run two instagram, BBM, WhatsApp, Snapchat apps with different accounts – Each account can hold different personalities or Business or Personal Use. It all depends on you. Download the app today!

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