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How Many Tables Do You Need?

How many pieces of furniture do you need for comfortable living? It certainly depends on what comfort means to you. For some, a tent and a sleeping bag is enough, when forest or mountains become their residential place for a while. And there are people that need special shelf for every plant. One way or another, when we speak about basic furniture, we mean bed, table, and chair – something like that.

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A table to every house!

A table is an item of furniture familiar to everyone – with a flat top and four legs. The upper flat surface is used for working or placing things – it depends on the type of a table and a room, where it is placed.

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Rectangular, square, rounded, semi-circular, with legs arranged in similar pairs or individually, with or without drawers, wooden, metallic, plastic or glass, free-standing or console, high enough for sitting near it on chairs or on the floor… They all can find their place in any interior.

What Type of Tables Can You Get on Jiji.ng?

Actually, tables have three basic functions: they are used for dining, for writing, and for storing things. Try to remember all tables you have at home or use in your daily activities, and you will make sure it is true. Maybe it comes in some variations, but all related to eating, work, and placing some objects. So what do we get?

jiji table 3

Dining tables are placed in a dining room and witness family meetings. A dining table should be big enough for every member of family feels comfortable and free, but not distant from others. There are foldable tables, perfect for those, who like to invite guests. With the help of magic or a screwdriver, you can easily change the size.

Kitchen table is the one, where another kind of magic happens – where everything that is going to appear on a dining table is made. In some cases, it can be the same table.

Coffee tables are situated in a living-room, usually somewhere near sofa, and are a convenient place for a drink, a book or a magazine, cell phone.

jiji table 4

A desk is a table for writing. It is a working place for pupils, writers, office workers – everyone. But there are also drafting tables, comfortable for technical drawing, workbenches for repairs, and maybe even other furniture specially for representatives of different professions.

Bedside (or night) table inhabits another place – a bedroom. It is a perfect place to put a lamp, glasses, alarm clock, a book or other things of the first necessity you need in the morning.

Changing table is a part of nursery kit. It is used specially for changing diapers – one more personal piece of furniture for little babies.

jiji table 5

Picnic tables and folding tablescan be similar: portable, convenient, functional.

And don’t forget about entertainment. There are special tables for different sports – ping-pong, pool, chess, poker.

Finally, there are tables for general use, for everything mentioned above or even more unknown yet tasks. Is it a good idea to get this one? It’s up to you to decide.

Where to get this wonderful tables?

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Ancient Egyptians used stone platforms. Greek and Romans preferred marble. Then wood and metal appeared in their homes. And in Nigeria… It doesn’t actually matter what they used to be like or which one you need. Now, when you know who is who (or what and what), it is easier to decide how many and which tables you need for personal comfort. One thing that doesn’t require much thinking is where to buy tables: http://jiji.ng/20-tables. Here is your lucky list in the best marketplace. Buy from real people, without overpricing and intermediaries, without hustle and bustle. Jiji knows everything about comfortable shopping. It knows everything about your needs. And it recommends to start shopping right now.

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