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DriverPack Protect System – AdWare & Malware Remover


We should all know DriverPack Solution which i wrote an article upon sometimes back. DriverPack solution is the best solution for installing drivers on a windows PC maybe after installing a new windows or you want to update your drivers and also to fix and repair corrupted drivers. Now, that same company that created DriverPack solution are back with a new software called DriverPack Protect.

DriverPack protect system

What is DriverPack Protect?

DriverPack launches Protect System — adware and malware removal system based on the consumer confidence index

DriverPack announced the launch of DriverPack Protect system. The new solution helps to protect PC from malware and adware ignored by antivirus and adblock. DRP Protect uses vast malware and adware database combined with the new core technology based on the consumer confidence index.

Consumer voting: DRP Protect uses the adware and malware database created as a result of extensive analysis conducted by DriverPack developers. The system efficiency was raised thanks to the new core technology based on the consumer confidence index. Developers used uninstall rate to detect unwanted software frequently uninstalled by users. Also DRP Protect detects unused software occupying PC memory and unnecessary processes at startup which cause computer to run slow.

Programs uninstall rate is an explicit fact-based tool drawn from the feedback of millions of users. It enables DriverPack Protect to fight against apparently useless and harmful programs.

Security above all: Even a good antivirus can’t ensure 100% computer security. While removing common viruses and trojans it may ignore malware imitating something useful and harmless. Complementing antivirus, the new DriverPack Protect can detect such unwanted guests and completely remove them from system and browser.

Stop adverts: Users frequently come across advertising plugins and programs which hide in system and browsers. Adblock cancels out many of them, but adware successfully learns to avoid blocking and to find a way to system burying users under tons of spam and aggressive advertising. DriverPack Protect successfully detects the majority of known malware and removes it forever helping users to work and explore the internet seamlessly.

The last but not the least: Just like other DriverPack products, DRP Protect is a freeware available under an open license. Today the new system makes part of the DriverPack solution as one of its features. In case of positive feedback DRP Protect will be launched as a standalone program. Artur Kuzyakov, the DriverPack founder, announced that the DRP Protect’s further development plans will be dictated entirely by user needs and the only unchangeable thing about the new system will be its free distribution. “Our team aims to develop a product able to bring a fast, stable and safe experience to all the internet users,” said Artur.

About DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution founded in 2008 is known as the world leader on the automatic PC driver installation market. The company’s main product is being consistently recognized as the best free automatic driver installation tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Over 40 million users all over the world trust DriverPack and use its products. The company’s main product includes more than one million unique drivers. DriverPack Solution is a free software distributed under the GNU GPL license. The company was founded by Artur Kuzyakov.

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