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Clash of Clans: Ultimate Guide to Queen Walk


The Queen walk has become popular over time used by anyone who knows about it. It can be used for farming and war attacks. The queen walk is so powerful that it has alot of 3 star strategies attached to it. Like for example –  Queen Walk + Mass Valks or GoHo + Queen walk.

clash of clans queen walk

What is a Queen Walk?

It is when you drop your Archer Queen with 4-5 healers depending on your Archer Queen level and it’s done to destroy buildings to create a better funnel for your troops. This attack is so powerful you can destroy upto 30% of the base with just your Archer Queen and 4-5 healers coupled with a rage spell.

When should I use Queen Walk?

You can use Queen Walk to deal more than 30% damage to almost every base, as long as you place your queen in the right place and you have at least level 10 Archer Queen:

  • You have at least level 10 Queen at Town Hall 9.
  • You have at least level 20 Queen at Town Hall 10.
  • You have at least level 25 Queen at Town Hall 11.

How Many Healers Should i Use?

This is also a very common question with people that just started using the Queen Walk, some get carried away and use 2 healers because maybe they are saving elixir or underestimating the defense of the enemy while some go overboard and bring 10 healers maybe for trolling purposes or they just have too much elixir.

It is wise to use a particular number of Healers depending on your Archer Queen level because the Queen Walk isn’t the main attack, it’s just part of it so you don’t have to use up all your army comp on just it alone but you if you to troll or make it a main attack. Use 10 healer. lol.

  • For Level 5 and below Archer Queen – Use 7 healers
  • For Level 10 and below Archer Queen – Use 5 healers
  • For Level 15, 20 and above Archer Queen – Use 4 healers

queen walk

What Levels Should My Healers be?

Another important question and the levels of your healers can really make a difference because they do more healing at higher levels and they also have more health.

  • At TH9 – The lowest healer level should be Level 3.
  • At TH10 and above –  Use Max Healers which are level 4.

If you have level 2 healers, they also work but you have to take more healers just in case.

Things You Should Never Do With The Queen Walk

This is from my own personal experience and if you do these following stuffs, it wll definitely ruin your attack, your queen would die early, same goes for your healers and all the remaining troops.

  • Deploy only your queen – What this means is that you should never deploy any other troop beside your queen because your healers would change directions and start healing that other troop. Healers are dumb! I made a mistake of deploying my Barbarian King close to my Archer Queen and has she was doing her thing destroying building, the dumb healers left her to die a slow and painful death because they were busy healing the KING. They also died slow painful deaths as the KING has no range while attacking, so the wrath of an Air defense rained down upon the healers smiting them in there path almost like my Archer Queen was been avenge.


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