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How To Completely Hide Online Status On WhatsApp


How To Completely Hide Online Status On WhatsApp is a useful technique you can use to avoid someone and stay below the radar, free from someone monitoring your movements. I love using WhatsApp to chat with my friends and for me now i use it more than my BBM app but whatspp has a problem that also bothers me – You can’t hide or go invisible on whatsapp. It’s like you are always in the spot light, some people like it like that while others don’t because there are times, you just want to remain alone(lowkey) minding your own business but it’s not possible on whatsapp. Someone sends you a message, you don’t reply, he can see that you are online – Busted!. Luckily there is a solution which is to hide online status on WhatsApp completely.

hide online status on WhatsApp

In simple words, you can become a ninja on whatsapp, no one knows you are online, when you are online. You are completely invisible which is nice if you avoiding someone for various reasons best known to you. Now, let’s get started on the ways to hide online status on WhatsApp.


How To Completely Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

1. First of all, you have to install a third-party app called GB Whatsapp. Just go to Google and search ‘GB WhatsApp download’. This is an alternative version of Whatsapp. And it’s the same app that we used to install two WhatsApp in one phone.

2. Now open the app. Tap on the three vertically dotted symbol.

3. In the list, you’ll find an option called ‘Privacy’. Tap it.

4. Another list will appear. From that select ‘Hide Online Status’.


5. Now the Whatsapp will restart automatically.

6. Give it a few secs and when it reopens, you’re offline yet online. You’ve successfully hidden your Online Status.

7. Your friends will now see you offline. They will be seeing an old Last seen time (the time when you pressed the Hide Online Status option). This won’t change anymore.

Congratulations! hide online status on WhatsApp was successful.


Showing Online Status Again:

If you’re done being invisible on whatsapp and you wanna show your online status to your friends again. Then follow these steps –

1. Open the app.

2. Again press on the three dots and go to Privacy.

3. Now tap on ‘Show Online Status’.

4. That’s it. Now you are online.

N.B. There are other privacy options available too. Such as hiding your double ticks, blue ticks. You may experiment with those if you want. Hiding double tick will show only one tick (instead of two ticks) when a message gets delivered to you. Hiding blue tick will not show blue ticks when you read a message sent by someone (this option is also available in normal WhatsApp).


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