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Bitport: The Best Cloud Torrent Downloader


Hey! Stop whatever you are doing because this is important because it could save you life one day, Literally! Good, now that i have your intention you need to understand the importance of torrents in the 21st century and how using Bitport can make your life easier. It’s not something you can run away from if you want to remain relevant in your field. Torrents are a key tool for I.C.T Experts if they want to remain top or relevant in their field, same applies for doctors, lawyers, engineers and all other professions known to man.

bitport review

Yes! Torrents are illegal i won’t lie to you but they are also equally important that it’s worth the risk. No everyone has loads of $$ to buy – buy – buy all the softwares, tutorials, plugins, themes released by companies and developers but we can buy some tho but not all.

Let’s talk about one of the best cloud torrent downloaders we have in 2016 – Bitport.io

What is Bitport?

Bitport is a cloud torrent downloader that basically helps you download torrent faster, safely and easily without you installing any software or app! You can also use bit.port to stream videos without even downloading it which is preferrable to some people. Don’t be confused by “Cloud Torrent Downloader” – the meaning is simple: Bitport Downloads your torrent to the cloud and you download it back from the cloud using any download manager of your choice, i recommend Internet Download Manager popularly known as IDM or you simply just watch it from the cloud by streaming it.

How To Use Bitport

This online based service is quite easy to use because my tutorials are so easy to understand. Let’s get Started

  • Go to Bit.port.io and register an account. It’s free!
  • Login to your account. You should be at the Dashboard screen in the below image.


  • Dashboard Section: These are the 2 ways to add Torrents

    • Add Torrent Link
    • Upload torrent from PC
  • Add Torrent Link

Goto Kat.cr – Search for the torrent

bitport kat

Right Click and Copy Magnet Link

bitport magnet link

Paste the link and Click on “Add new Torrent”

bitport paste magnet url

  •  Upload Torrent from PC

Goto Kat.cr or any other torrent site – Download torrent file(Less than 50kb)

bitport download torrent

Click on Upload torrent from PC – “Browse Files” –  Select the downloaded torrent


  • Torrent for Download

    • After adding the torrent to bit.port either by “Adding Torrent or Uploading Torrent from PC”.
    • Bit.port takes a few seconds to verify the authenticity of the torrent file and after that the torrent information shows which signifies it’s ready for download to the cloud.
    • Click “Download to my cloud“.bitport torrent seeding
    • I recommend you tick “Notify me when the torrent is downloaded” to get email notifications when your torrent has finished downloading to the cloud.

bitport email notification



  • Active Torrent Downloads

    • After torrent verification, the torrent downloads and the speed is simply amazing depending the number of seeds, users, peers and leechers the torrent has. But most torrent download fast to the cloud. Some downloads are instant.

bitport active download

  • Download Complete – My Files

    • The torrent download to your cloud is successful. Now go to your files and the best way to download the torrent is to click on the button “Download this folder as a ZIP file

bitport download complete

bitport idm download

  • So, that’s it! We just learned how to download torrent without using any installed software or app – All we used was Bitport.io: Cloud torrent downloading service which specializes in user’s safety that’s why the torrent verification phase is important and always used on every uploaded torrent to scan for malicious or affected torrent file.

Bitport.io is a free service! But Premium is always better

bitport pricing

They also have a wide range of Payment Methods

bitport payment method

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